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Achieving my MSN has been my is something I have taught about for years. The purpose of this assignment is to develop a professional plan of what I want to achieve as I strive towards the MSN program, a reflection of my past, present and future personal and career life also recognizing that this course requires a lot of sacrifice and dedication, I was motivated by my colleagues and siblings who started this online program, and my dreams of helping people, though, immunizations, disease prevention, education and affordable health care access to all, the knowledge I acquired from this course, through Walden University, their professors, and my colleagues will enable me achieved my goals.

Education and Professional Background

My name is Munah Mulbah a mother of four children and two stepsons (ages 29yrs to 13yrs), a wife, a full-time employee, and the oldest of 7 children. These are the responsibilities and I take pleasure in doing them I am originally from Monrovia, Liberia, West Africa. I came to the United State, due to the civil war in my country to pursue a better education for my family and a better life. As a child growing up I loved to care for my siblings and dream about becoming a Nurse one day Growing up as the oldest girl in my family I took care of my younger siblings’, neighbor kids, my grandparents and children in Sunday school, we were taught how to be respectful, eating a healthy diet, hand washing, personal hygiene where taught. and I was good at that., One day my Late grandfather look at me and said I hope you will be a nurse when you grow up and I said that is who I want to be, and I worked towards that.

After I graduated from high school. I enrolled at the mother pattern college of health sciences / Stella Maris Polytechnic 1999 and graduated with an AA degree in nursing, worked for a year in the hospital and went back to school and obtained my BSN. Prior to my coming to the United States, I obtained my BSN degree and worked for the Medicine sans frontiers international hospital / Doctors without borders for 2yrs. When I came to the united states, while going through the process to obtain my RN license, I worked as a nurse tech in the Nursing home, work with people with mental disabilities, in the hospital, and volunteer in a local school. which was rewarding, because it also helps me in preparing for my state board exam. I have certification in, CPR, First AID, advanced cardiac life support (ACLS), and electrocardiogram (ECG) interpretation and Intravenous line certification. As a Registered nurse, I have worked in a long-term setting, geriatric population, and presently in the acute care and telemetry unit as a resource nurse. Arriving in the united states, my dream became a reality when I passed my state board exam and became to practice as a registered nurse and I have since enjoyed my career. Every day was rewarding I learned new things and saw how diverse nursing was.

Working with people from a different culture was helpful to me and my career. This career has been so rewarding for I have been an honor to serve as a supervisor, resource nurse, wound care nurse, preceptor and team leader and worked on a unit where we had no discrepancy during state survey. While serving in these capacities I saw myself as a leader and a mentor to others and thought it necessary to further my education, to help promote my leadership skills in decision making for my patients and fellow staff, in pursuing my MSN degree.

Professional Goals

My goal as public health nurse is to be a useful and essential staff to my organization and community through educating, promoting, prevention and correcting poor health choices or habits. Obtaining MSN- in public health nursing will help me build on the knowledge I have to educate the public on promoting good health habits and disease prevention by giving them the help they need. Educating the public about the importance of maintaining a healthy community is also a goal I intend to achieve, through obtaining my MSN at Walden University.

As a public health nurse, I want to be a key role player in research, and communication skills to improve the health of the community locally and globally, by advocating for and implementation of health policies, with emphasizes on reaching the less privileged and the underdeveloped countries. At the end of my MSN program, I intend to work with the community by identifying those factors that are barriers to good health care and provide direct health care services.

Course Orientation

As a full-time employee and mother is a big responsibility, and by being a student is another responsibility, which took me a while to make that decision, but all thanks to the Walden University online school which has made obtaining my MSN possible.

As a nurse, I want to continue making a huge impact on people’s lives, to be caring, compassionate to my patients. This can be very satisfying and rewarding. This is one of the main reasons I decided to pursue a higher education degree in nursing. While asking and searching for online education that will meet my educational requirements, Since I have never done online education before, I was a little nervous, I became interested when a family member who enrolled in 2017 at Walden as a family nurse practitioner, furnished me with more information including the Mission and Vision of the University but became particularly interested in Walden University School of Nursing Vision statement. “It recognizes the role of nurses to transform the health care system across the lifespan and in all levels of care, this idea aligns pretty much with my interest of transforming the levels of patients entrusted in my care at a much-advanced level. During this course I have learned about scholarly writing, APA formatting, citing and referencing papers, Grammarly, safe assign, with help from the Walden library and my textbook the American Psychological Association (2012) Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association, sixth ed. Washington, D.C., I was able to do my coursework.

Time management is a skill that I learned and need to apply to my everyday life to be successful with proper time management, I will be able to achieve a whole lot and meet my goals. Also, this course also taught me about effective communication skills, and technology by responding to my colleague discussion as scholar students and expressing myself through my discussion. I am very thankful for the services I am receiving from Walden University.

Practicum Goals

The practicum section of my study is very important; I intend to acquire all the experience I can. I have reached out to my county health department and inquired about the mentoring process, and it sounds really interesting, as I await more detail information from the department head. My county health department is very good about informing its citizens about current health issues and benefits, I look forward to starting my practicum there when the time reaches.

During my practicum, I intend to gain all the knowledge and skills I can I hope to build on the relationship between a mentee and mentor communications skills and improve community outreach education. Conclusion Finally, strongly having a greater responsibility of knowledge and diversity in my career, I have worked as an in Africa and now in the united states, and to improve in those areas that I am lacking, give more value to the reason to further my education with the University. Looking back to where I started, and how far I have come, given me the joy to worked harder to accomplish my goals by the grace of God, by the community live a healthy life through affordable health care for all. I am truly excited to become a public health nurse in the future and work with those big organizations I always dream of. By following the course curriculum and getting comfortable with the APA formatting, the e-library, researching and citing articles, managing and prioritizing my time appropriately, that at the end of this study in 2019, I will be able to help those in need of better health care.


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