[Solved] personal statement for mba program

Having enjoyed a long and satisfying Retail career, I have gradually developed interest in business matters by acknowledging the importance of business knowledge in the FMCG sector. I feel that with my strong business scope, I would greatly enhance my competency and abilities in handling the diverse demands of the Retail labor market. With this in mind, I have felt the need to advance my knowledge in business and leadership by enrolling for an MBA course in Webster University Leiden. My deep interest in Webster University Leiden was prompted by its four distinct characteristics of engaging students, great teaching, a vibrant community and its successful outcomes.

For the past twelve months, I have been attending the Digital Business Incubation in Qatar, an effort intended to enhance my networking and business analysis skills. Joining the Digital Business Incubation was a move driven by the urge to cope with the emerging business needs in the field of E-Commerce. Notably, as well, to harness my business communication skills.

With such experiences my desire has been vital in the pursuit of an MBA degree course. Two years ago, we had some layoffs at our company and unfortunately, a peer of mine was laid off. After the departure of my coworker, my manager constantly consulted me on how to handle the duties assigned initially to the laid off colleague. I felt lucky to take the challenge by providing the required support where necessary, which was noticed by management and eventually, resulted to my promotion to a managerial position. In this capacity, I was required to assist workers facing challenges with their duties and coordinate operations in my department. This was a recognized step in building my management and supervisory abilities.

My own traits comprise my qualities and a significant explanation behind considering me for an MBA admission with your University. I have brilliant abilities and being a much capable person, which is a trademark in my encounters in the workplace. I have served in authority positions when working with our specialized teams, an assignment that involved overseeing and planning the groups. This has helped me grasp decency, esteem collaboration, and become firm with my choices at the work place. More to this, I am a sorted out person who is completely dedicated to any commitment that I am associated with. I am additionally versatile to testing errands and hold trustworthiness with high respect.

I am self-persuaded and consistently embrace an inspirational demeanor in all endeavors. My judgment is probably the most grounded property and exceptionally helped me in my proactive nature. In my vocation life, I have figured out how to set practical objectives at individual and departmental level. I have accomplished different administrative and deals that have been an enormous inspiration to my area of expertise as entirety. This has been accomplished through open discussions with the team members, examinations, and improved working conditions for laborers in my department.

All things considered, I am trying to promote my instruction as a method for improving my vocation and adding to the scholarly order of business. In the academic angle, whenever gave the chance, I intend to accomplish an MBA degree from Webster University Leiden. I comprehend that this involves cooperating with guides and individual understudies close by completing logical research planned for creating information that is significant to the control.

In reference to this, it is patent that a business course from a credible institution is the ultimate solution to challenges posed by the changing market needs in the Retail sector. With this understanding, I believe that Webster University Leiden, being one of the most prestigious and academically recognized private universities in the US and Netherlands, it is the best institutions for me to enroll for an MBA course.

Based on my scholarly ground and past experience in the Retail, whenever allowed the chance to propel my examinations by seeking after an MBA degree, I will be adding significant worth to the business scholastic order and the world economy. As I anticipate building solid associations with other MBA understudies and business fields, I encourage the University admission team to consider my appeal for confirmation in Webster’s MBA program.

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