[Solved] psychology attachment


Attachment is a type of an affecting connection that is normally formed by persons among themselves depending on the social environment of where the people live. It is also a long-lasting mental as well as an emotional felling that acts as a connection between human beings. Within the attachment concept there has to be a friendliness bond or a tie between a person and affection body for example an attachment between the mother and a child (Sterling, 2003). Therefore such connection can be applied in cases of adults or parents and their children.  These bonds define the child’s need for safety security in childhood stage as well as the time the child is growing. The child adult relationships define the attachment or else the child and his caregiver .In the attachment levels children show signs of anguish when they are not given the care and protection together with the attention that they should require from there parents as well as there caregivers. They feel secure and unable to depend on there adults for either security or protection because these concepts are limited to there lives. If the parent is not offering the best for her child then the child starts feeling upset.

 Children are able to know there parents and there caregivers in a sense that they feel comfortable and protected and they are ready to sick help from them (Field, 1996). Incase the child feels threatened or afraid the caregiver is always there to provide comfort. The caregiver provides protected and trustworthy environment for the child to picture the world. In this case Michael feels insecure that he sees her mother putting all the attention on the unborn child. Therefore Michael feels that no concentration is offered to him by the mother since all the concentration was given to him before the newborn baby. Michael decides to react in that particular manner so that he can win his mothers protection and concentration. In such a case the mother should talk to his son and explain to him on the current happenings, this will be of great importance because the child will be aware about the activities the mother is concentrating on and there importance. The mother should also introduce Michael to the unborn child. This will create an attachment between the son and the unborn child, and the son will develop a bond with the unborn child.


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