[Solved] purpose of education in computer science

Growing up in a country with the most populous democracy and the country that has atleast of six national religions, I am uniquely fortunate to have a diverse background both academically and professionally which has exposed me to people from different cultures and languages.

I decided to pursue my Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science Engineering from one of the well know universities in India, which is recognized internationally. First year into my learning program, the coursework included the glimpse of all the other branch subjects into our academics, to further decide on our choice of program that we selected. This helped me be more certain on the subject I chose and made me realize my passion for computers. Next three years, the course work focused on fundamentals on programming language to in-depth knowledge on various programming languages, and also the real-time implementation of it in the final year project. Overall, I received a broad-based education, an incredibly valuable learning experience, a strong foundation to my analytical and technical skills and beyond that which I could have received elsewhere.

After graduation from the University with a Bachelor’s degree, for better opportunities, I sought employment in a different city. Although this was an entry-level job, I received a broad business-based education while immersing myself in the new IT culture and language on a daily basis. Over the years in my professional career, I have travelled around the world, worked with different cultured people, and gained diversity of experiences, which I think has made me confident enough to adapt and join the MBA program.

After having gained significant experience in various software and hardware industries, my near-term plan is to work in the leading multi-national IT companies. An EMBA-IT program thus becomes essential towards achieving critical goals at this juncture of my career. The two most important things I have kept in mind are my area of interest in the subject, and the scope of a career in the subject of your choice. This will enable me to identify new opportunities, learn from the experiences of different individuals, effectively promote, and grow to leadership positions in the industry.

Despite my desire to be a leader, I even more strongly desire to be part of an effective team. I hope to add value to the technology/product strategy/deployments of leading IT industries. In the long run i aim towards heading the IT function department whose core business may or may not be technology. An Executive MBA will help me understand my leadership role as part of a company hierarchy and how to successfully work together with our business leaders to combine our expertise. Through my time in pursuit of a MBA, I plan to take on multiple team projects so that I can develop my teamwork skills. I hope to further hone my communication skills, especially in an international context. My EMBA is crucial to my development personally and professionally and I hope to be able to take full advantage of this opportunity.

I first learnt about your University from couple of my friends who had pursued their Executive MBA and were quite happy with the course and so they have shared with me their success stories on how the University helped them achieve what they desired. I hope to enhance my knowledge with a rich exposure and experience the teaching techniques and syllabus.

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