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The Bachelor of Science in Hotel and Restaurant Management is a four-year program designed to provide the needed professional preparation and training for exciting and rewarding careers in the Hospitality/Hotel and Restaurant industry. The program integrates a competency based training methodology to prepare graduates to become globally competitive, professionally competent, morally upright, and socially responsible contributors to national development.

The Bachelor of Science in Hotel and Restaurant Management program develops student’s professional and technical competence in preparation for leadership responsibilities in hospitality-related enterprises. It also provides intellectual growth, communication skills, ethical awareness, appreciation of values and society and professional knowledge of hospitality industry. It aims to develop potential hoteliers and entrepreneurs who are equipped with the latest technical and managerial skills geared towards maximum utilization of e-commerce application software in hotel and related travel institutions operations. (Bachelor of Science in Hotel and Restaurant Management, copyright 2000-2006)

The following are the fields under the course BSHRM: Culinary Arts which includes small business management, butchery, and international cuisine along 6 with financial management. It also covers entrepreneurship, franchising and fish-mongery; Hospitality industry which includes providing hospitality services such as lodging and dining which also covers details regarding managing and operating hotels and restaurants. It also renders quality service in every guest for their accommodation and food; and Tourism which includes providing the client’s travel needs which also covers foreign language and personality development courses. It entertains both local and international tour. (BS in Hotel and Restaurant Management in the Philippines, copyright 2010-2012)

The number of incoming college students who enroll in the course HRM increases every year. It only shows that a lot of incoming college students are giving interest in the course and because of that, the course is now being recognized as one of the top courses to be taken in the Philippines. According to Lito B. Soriano, president of LBS-E Recruitment and executive director of the Federated Associations of Manpower Exporters Inc., data from the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA) show that the country generates more than 120,000 HRM graduates every year. Most of the HRM graduates need additional skill trainings to be able to qualify for employment here in the Philippines and overseas, says Soriano. (Oversupply of Unemployable Graduates, 2010).

Labor Undersecretary Rosalinda Baldoz confirms that HRM is one of the two courses that post the biggest number of graduates for the past years. She says many of those who took up HRM want to go abroad but they cannot immediately qualify for employment overseas due to lack of the necessary experience required by foreign employers. COMMISSION on Higher Education (Ched) officials claims the current oversupply in nurses and other professionals including HRM graduates. This is likely due to the growing interest of students to go abroad. Ched-Cordillera Administrative Director Ramon Santiago stated that Hotel and Restaurant Management is one of the courses where majority of students in the region are enrolled because it will be easier for students to clinch a job abroad after graduation. The popularity of the course and current demand, however, does not guarantee graduates would easily land jobs overseas. Decline in job vacancies and under qualification of graduates are factors affecting their chances of finding a job abroad. The number of unemployed professionals has been largely blamed on colleges and universities offering new programs yearly mainly due to the popularity and high demand of several courses without guaranteeing the quality of education the students receive. This in return results to either unemployment or underemployment. (CHED explains oversupply of nurses and others, 2011).

Debra Wheatman, president of Careers Done Write, said in her article Finding a Career in Hotel and Restaurant Management that working in a management capacity in a hotel or restaurant requires the ability to manage multiple tasks simultaneously. You must exhibit exceptional customer service skills and the ability to motivate a staff. A big component of the position is leveraging social skills to engage customers and generate new business. Of course, you also must be able to demonstrate a strong understanding of how to increase sales and drive profits. In this position you will no doubt come into contact with a diverse and dynamic group of people from all walks of life. There is plenty of room for advancement. Be aware though that this is not a traditional 9-5 job, and will require weekend work and extended hours.

Academic training is very important; but experience is the best teacher in this field. In order to be well rounded and really develop an understanding of the expectations necessary for success, consider working in the industry early on to really give you a flavor of what it takes to prepare you for a management role within a restaurant or hotel. This practical business knowledge combined with classroom experiences will help round out your skills and reduce the learning curve once a full-time position is obtained. There is nothing like first-hand experiences to help you fully understand expectations. Practical Training is important to build the experience, consider getting a position as server or bartender, which will give you a strong understanding of front of house operations and customer service. It will also be important to learn what goes on behind the scenes. For that, you might consider spending some time in the kitchen. You will definitely come to understand the meaning of

timeliness, and when the time comes to manage a restaurant, you will have greatly improved knowledge of what needs to happen in the kitchen to ensure a smooth running operation. Working in a hotel? Try a front desk position to gain the full customer service experience. There is a lot of troubleshooting that takes place in the role, and you will certainly develop improved problem resolution skills (Finding Careers in Hotel and Restaurant Management, 2011).

With the hospitality business exploding with the boom in tourism within and outside of the country, more and more people are now making the choice of a lucrative and rewarding hotel restaurant management career when choosing a job. The fact is, that with business up in more and more venues that previously were experiencing vacancy problems in the past there is an ever increasing need for qualified management personnel in hotels and restaurants in cities across other countries. The key to building a solid hotel restaurant management career is training, because of the level of responsibilities that come with a management position in this field. Not only is a manager required to fulfill their own assigned tasks that come with their position but they must also have the innate ability to bring out the best in the employees that are positioned under them. This is important, because so much of the running a fine restaurant or hotel is done by the employees that are faced with repetitive tasks day in and day out.

If you have your eye on a lucrative hotel restaurant management career then the time to start pursuing your end goal is now and there are really two ways to go about it. One popular way is to receive your training on the job and work your way up the ladder in a restaurant or hotel. The problem with this choice though is that it can take years and you will be hard pressed to receive the proper training in areas such as accounting and purchasing. The best and fastest way to find your way into a hotel restaurant management career is to attend any one of the qualified schools that available. Also, all of the schools that specialize in this type of training have job placement assistance programs to help you land the job of your dreams when you are through with your courses. (All About Hotel Restaurant Management Careers, © 2012 Streetdirectory & Foodeditorials)

There are a number of opportunities for the graduates of BS in Hotel and Restaurant Management. Some of these careers include Food and Beverage Director, Restaurant Operations Manager, Leisure and Recreation Consultant, Restaurant or Hotel Owner, Front Office Staff and Manager, Cruise Line Staff, Independent Caterer, Housekeeper, Chef, Food Service Consultant and Academian. (BS in Hotel and Restaurant Management in the Philippines, copyright 2010-2012).

There is a wide range of potential careers and job opportunities for HRM graduates especially within the hospitality industry. It could be managing a restaurant, being an hotelier or simply being an entrepreneur. There are a lot of hindrances in having a job. The lack of skills and lack of experience are the most
common reason for unemployment because these two is the number one qualification required by the employers. Thus, HRM students should really undergo trainings for them to earn the necessary experience required by the employers. Lastly, apply for a job where your knowledge and skills are best suited. This will not only help you land on a job, but will help you to enjoy your job and be successful in your chosen career.

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