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Role Model: Al Gore

The beginning of the 21st century is an era that marked with the issues that regarding climate change and its effects on the earth and humanity itself. In this note, one of the most noted personality because of this central issue is the former United States Vice President Al Gore. Ex- Vice President Albert Arnold Gore Jr. is former vice president and former presidential candidate, author, businessman and environmental activist (Cockburn & St. Clair 2000)

Al Gore’s most notable contribution in solving environmental challenges can be summarized in his most celebrated documentary and book entitled ‘An Inconvenient Truth’.  The documentary was first shown in the Sundance Film Festival New York and Los Angeles in 2006 wherein the film had been a major box office and success. The ‘An Inconvenient Truth’ is a documentary film about the campaign of Al Gore against climate change. It features a seminar/presentation of Al Gore in an audience wherein he presented scientific facts and discoveries to prove the existence of climate change and its drastic effects for the inhabitants of the earth. Of all his works in battling climate change this documentary film and the book with the same title can be regarded as the most important event and  key point of his vocation in saving the environment (An Inconvenient Truth 2006).

My justification for Al Gore being a model for the modern society lies on numerous reasons. First, he dedicated the last 30 years of his life in the discovery of the ongoing problem of climate change. As the problem was proven to exist, he dedicated much of his effort and resources in providing a solution. By possessing a political power both as a Senator and a Vice President, Al Gore used his power to spearhead numerous legislations and political actions to combat climate change. This includes his pioneering role in the Kyoto Protocol and Global Marshall Plan. He also chaired and built companies and organizations that can serve the same cause. This includes Generation Investment Management, Alliance for Climate Protection and We Campaign (Cockburn & St. Clair 2000). It is also important note that Gore’s environmental zeal is not limited in his public life. It is commonly cited that in his homes, Gore uses primarily renewable sources to power his homes. This is despite the great cost in this kind of transformation (Associated Press 2007).

            The values and actions of Al Gore are indeed respected and much worthy. Most of the people in the world today and this is not limited to the wealthy class are merely focusing in the moment and in the present up to the point that they are disregarding the how their present actions can affect the quality of their own life or their children’s life in the future. Al Gore as an important person in the society had  managed to open the eyes of the world that a problem exist and this problem is very important to be dealt with because failure to do so can spell disaster for each one of us. Surely, I will choose Al Gore as a role model with his zeal and passion to stand up in an arena wherein his beliefs are opposite of the crowd. Dedicating his power, health, effort and resources to combat climate change, Al Gore is surely a man that must be reckoned with in the list of our role models.


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