[Solved] sns merit and demerit

Social network service has just started about 10 years ago and many types of SNS rapidly spread to all over the world. For example, surprisingly, facebook was started accidentally by one drunken university student. However, once it started, almost all students in his university enjoyed this site and made their own account within a week and now facebook is used by people in the whole world. This rapid-surging popularity means the convenience and the usefulness of SNS really fascinate most of people in modern society.

Why SNS greatly take in such many people? It is because there are a large number of advantages of using SNS. I will explain some of them. First of all, SNS provided great amount of information and news. We can get important global news through SNS. For instance, we can “follow” twitter account of BBC or TIMES for free. I even know the death of Steve Jobs by seeing twitter on the train in the morning. SNS give us not only global or national important news, but also personal information.

When big earthquake occurred in 11th March in japan, although it was difficult to contact with family or friends because phone line was stuffed with so many calling, people were able to if their family members or friends are safe by using SNS. SNS is very useful tool to inform people even in emergency. Second, SNS is necessary to make or keep relationship. Nowadays, people’s life is busy, so it is hard to keep often meeting every friend.

Family members are also difficult to meet since many young people go to big city to get job and left their parents behind, because most cities are center of economics of each nation. Not only to keep relationship, SNS let people make more relationship and opportunities. By using “searching” system, people can easily find people who go to same school or have same interests. Since SNS is used by any people who can access the internet without border of nation, you can have global connection. It will help your broader understanding about different kind of people and provide job opportunity.?

In addition to these two profits, SNS has more effective use such as sharing opinion, facilitating cultural exchange, and show effective advertisement. It is true that there are some bad influence of SNS on the society and human. SNS is so fascinating that it causes internet or mobile addiction to some young people. Moreover, their frequent using of SNS may disturb their concentration on study or work. They also lose eyesight because they spend much time in front of screen. People became more difficult to keep their own privacy.

For example, “tag” system of facebook is controversial because it show photos whichever you are in although you do not admit to upload. However, SNS users are growing day by day and SNS is accounting more and more realm of people’s life. This means people still really want to give profits of SNS although they had bad influence of SNS. Advantages of SNS clearly outweigh disadvantages. As world became globalized, people need more relationship and life style of human changes. To sum up, SNS is very suitable for these new human needs and I believe it still have chance to develop.

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