[Solved] statement of goal for mba

I feel privileged, fortunate and very happy serving as a Program Manager-Core equipment in pharmaceutical research- a healthcare sector. I would like to pursue the MBA- Healthcare management course to further my knowledge of the required leadership qualities, specialized management and communication skills and healthcare systems so that I may ultimately become Director-Core equipment. I think having such an education from your university will propel my career in the right direction opening up opportunities and roles that I am aspiring today. What I enjoy most about health care is public relations, the opportunity to serve as a leader on behalf of an organization, enhancing my professionalism and understanding of the needs of our healthcare systems. I see your online program at West Texas A&M University as the cutting-edge of its field. I admired and excited about your core attention to strategic planning and marketing.

In particular, I look forward to a complete immersion not only in all of these areas but I hope to concentrate and grow in the areas of quality improvement and information management. I have been working as a dedicated health care professional since completing my undergraduate and graduate studies in India. Through the academic years that I have been in pharmaceutical studies I have observed that there is constant evolution and to matter at the global in a pharmaceutical field much higher expertise and learning is going to be needed. I have always set a very high target for myself and have worked diligently to achieve it. To excel meant so much to me.

My pursuit of learning and getting hands on with a pharmaceutical analytical technology bring me to the United States as Associate Researcher at Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, NY in 2016. At Mount Sinai, I have lead many projects developing pharmaceutical analytical methods in research laboratory where I gained invaluable experience in technical troubleshooting, documentation, project management as well as assisting program manager and staff with various activities. As a result of this experience, I feel that I have much better command on analytical technology. After that, I got a position with Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center as Program Manager-Core equipment. In this position I have found my voice as professional and I have had a chance to develop my leadership skills. The relationships I developed with administrators and management also helped to inspire me to pursue further study in health care management. The consistent fulfillment that I experience as a healthcare professional has led me to seek advanced training in my field for professional service.

By studying from West Texas A&M University I see a great potential of learning to help me grow more in my profession. This would not only benefit me in gaining more knowledge when I will apply my skills in practical scenarios. But will be a countless learning opportunity when I will team up with my peers from different backgrounds and experiences. In addition to my enthusiasm and hardworking nature, I am sure being given the chance; I will shine further through MBA in Healthcare Management program. Simply, want to be part of West Texas A&M University history, inventing the future.

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