[Solved] students letter of apology for plagiarism

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Don Doressy

Dean of Student Activities

Foothill College

Dear Mr. Doressy,

I am writing to apologize for the case of plagiarism that was found in my case. I have realized that what I did was wrong, and I accept the mistake of not being responsible enough to take my sources seriously, and not citing them in the most appropriate fashion.

In this letter, I also admit that the words from which a portion of what I have written came from another person. Although the ideas were mine, the words I used unintentionally came from another source. It was only after the work was submitted that I noticed I had somewhat cheated for my paper.

In this light, I would really like to ask for the forgiveness of the faculty, staff, administration and my co-students for the deeds that I have done in the academe. I should have been a more responsible student in relation to the activities inclined to my education. Furthermore, I feel really guilty for not being able to fulfill my role as a student who one could trust. With this, I also heavily regret for having to be irresponsible as to be involved with cases of cheating. I know I could have permanently marked my records, but I can at least assure you and the school administration, that I will keep a clean record from this point onwards.

In addition, during the hearing of my case, I was a silent student. The reason behind this is that I know that I made a mistake. Speaking out about my case would not have helped me. Instead, it would only show how weak I am in not being able to face the consequences of my actions.

I know the sins I have committed against this school seems unforgivable, as it has been discovered twice of me. But I would still like to beg to differ, that there is still a chance for me to change for the better. I know I can even be a better student, and not just a product of this institution.

Moreover, as an international student, who was given the opportunity to study in this school, I know I have somewhat disappointed not only the school, but also my parents and fellow international students. Because of the deeds I have done, I have tarnished the records and perceptions about other international students.

If given another chance, I promise that I will try to make amends and become more truthful with the activities necessary for school. I cannot promise a complete change, but baby steps will help me reach my goals regardless of the lengths.


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