[Solved] teamwork is the key for great performance

Managing transitions, you must be willing to abide by certain things. One of the key points that I noticed is that teamwork is the key for great performance in an organization. In this scenario, it was the same thing as the company in the case study, individual behavior, for instance, analyzing the performance of employees individually leads to poor performance of an organization. The reason why is because the members of the organization have their goals that they try to aim for. It is bad tactic for an organization if only certain members are doing their own duties individually. On the contrary, if all members of the organization work as a team, they would all be able to meet the same goal therefore improve the relationship services which would eventually be easier to achieve as one team.

The second key point was that with poor coordination being as it is, it is one of the factors that worsens customer care services. For example, in the test a customer would be referred to a high-ranking office if the junior officers cannot solve this problem. The problem with this is that customers would be told that high-ranking officers are busy, so they should call later. After calling later they would then talk with a new customer care services personnel, where they would then communicate the grievances afresh. As it is evident, the company had poor coordination, eventually risking losing clients. Therefore, a company should be able to maintain good coordination to stay strong. The last key point that I have learned that change is a process just like transition that should be carefully observed. For example, people should be ready to leave their old ways of doing things and adopt new ways. For me, when I went through a personal significant change, I was able to let go of the old me that included all the old things I did, and have a whole new way of behaving. In this case, if they psychologically fail to adopt new ways, the change would be just in papers like the case study.

Additionally, I have realized that certain people do not like to change. For example, with the old staff, even after being introduced to transformation, they still wanted to do their own things in their old way. The reading is useful because it would allow not only me, but others to be able to make changes in their life. I can see that teamwork is a crucial concept because without it, everyone is just on their own trying to gain individually and it eventually brings down units. The concept of the teamwork would be also useful throughout my life as it would be applied to help better myself individually by improving my skills with a team, but most importantly it would help better the whole team because we work together in order to help each other in the long run meet one goal.

Through this, all the members of the organization would come together and work towards a common goal. I can say that from this first chapter, it was interesting as it not opened my eyes but made me more aware if it makes sense. Question for the author would be, what are some measures to take if an organization is dealing with some members who lack the teamwork skills, without firing them?

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