[Solved] teens and communities essay

Teenagers are stereotyped as rebellious, immature, and unable to make an impact in the world. The truth is: they are the exact opposite; teens are the future of tomorrow. Despite their ages, they have become leaders in innovations, political debates, and community service. In fact without teenagers, the community would be dull and without character. Thus, role younger generations have in the building of a community is imperative.

A way to impact a community is to provide the inventions and innovations necessary to keep it safe. Teenagers such as seventeen year old Paige Brown created a way to clean polluted streams with only three dollars worth of materials. It was a small amount of material and money that has a huge impact on the world to come. Another example is seventeen year old Kenneth Shinozuka, who invented socks for people with Alzheimer’s. The goal of the socks is to send an alert when the individual strays from their bed. The teens of today protect not just their generation but also the generations before them. It is the leaders of innovations that build the community. While innovations becoming advanced, so is the technology that supports it.

With the progression of American society, technology has become a huge incorporation into daily life. As a result of widespread media, teenagers have had more access to material, thus widening the opinions in which they share in topics. Media reports have sparked movements with the participants being younger children. For example, some students were still required to attend school on Election Day. Those that were required to attend organized a nationwide walk out in order to leave to go to the polls. It was the students that made an impact on the community by participating in voicing their choice of representatives to serve in state and local positions. In building a community, it is important all residents are safe. Teens have made their impact by protesting topics such as gun violence in order to try to make a difference and change the face of what it is to be a community. The leaders of both innovations and political activism have come from teenagers and the building of the community is surrounded by such. In addition, they further lead by participating in community service projects.

Community service is defined as voluntary work intended to help people. Teens build their community by helping inside it. Through church organizations, charities, schools, and other participating groups, people are able to impact the community in which they live first hand. On average, 55% of youth ages 12-18 participate in volunteer work. This includes donating clothes, blankets, and food, raising funds, donating old eyeglasses, and even building homes. It is the impact of teens helping the world in which they live that build their community and strengthen the connections of the communities that make a unified, strong country.

Teens add character to the community. Without them, there would be no motivated, young citizens to put forth their ideas and aspirations in order to create positive change inside their communities. It is the leadership ability of young kids today that help shape their community and give the texture to the place in which they live. Hundreds of organizations are used to support the positive character and citizenship brought in by teens to their community. Programs such as Youth for Unity and Million Members, Million Hours of Service, and Gang Prevention Summit grab the attention of teenagers; their goals are to influence them to do better in order to create a better community full of acceptance and good decision making. In the absence of teenagers, communities would not develop in the manner they do. Teenagers are imperative to the development of the community.

Teens are without a doubt the future of the world of tomorrow. They have lead the charge in innovations to protect both the younger and older generations. They have also influenced both peers and adults to educate themselves and participate in political activism. Most of all, the community service projects led by the younger kids of today leads to the progression of both communities and the nation itself. A world without teenagers is a world without character. The “rebellious” and “immature” stereotypes set on by older generations are false; the role of teenagers play in building a community is important to the progression in the place in which they live.

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