[Solved] the rhetoric with gun laws

The restrictions on gun control may lead to reductions of gun violence, but in actuality, a person’s mind can not be altered by the laws, with all the mass shootings over the past ten to fifteen years, gun control has become a major topic of discussion, One in every ten of the American public own guns legally. Researchers have found that firearms are used more for a scare or intimidation tactics, instead of self-defense (Miller, Matthew). Most of the mass shootings, that have been done in the United States, were done by guns that were purchased legally. People who shouldn’t have them can still gain access to them. The U.S. needs stricter gun laws because they still get in the possession of the wrong people, extensive background checks are not always efficient, and people are using them to intimidate instead of self-defense.

Even though there are gun restrictions and regulations, guns fall into the hands of lots of people who shouldn’t have them. Mental Illness is a very strong and real issue. Mentally ill people either kill others or themselves with firearms. These people only make up a small percentage of gun violence. Due to such a small number, in Washington D.C., mental illness is not a factor in gun violence (). The support group called NAMI supports laws authority Extreme Risk Protection Orders (ERPOs) when they are carefully crafted to focus on specific current behaviors and evidence bored risk factors for violence. ERPO’s are civil court orders issued by judges to temporarily remove firearms or ammunition from people who are identified as posing immediate or imminent risks to the safety of themselves or others.

When U.S. citizens go to federally licensed to buy a gun, they are subjected to a background check. The National Instant Criminal Background Check System, a database of records that are maintained by the FBI. According to the FBI, a variety of factors in a person’s background can trigger an investigation before they could purchase a gun. Even though these laws vary from state to state, they basically look for the same things. Your past and present criminal state. They look for past indictments, as well as current ones. They also look at if you are in the country legally or illegally. If a state requires a background check for a private sale, a person can skirt the restriction by going to another state looser regulations to purchase a gun. There are Red Flag laws, designed to remove guns from people deemed by a court to be at risk of hurting themselves or others. Trump recently appeared to take an interest in expanding background checks, and then all of sudden, seem to take a different course, praising the current rules as “very strong”.

According to the author Aleksande Kerensky “Not everyone who carries a weapon actually uses it”. There have been crimes committed with toy guns, unloaded guns, or even no guns present at all. People have been threatened or made to do things they wouldn’t normally do, while they were under fire. Children have faced charges, and have even been convicted of crimes, where there was no gun present at all. The actuality of this action is the victim is going to think it’s a real gun. Sadly they are going to react as if it’s a real gun, and there could be a true tragedy, federal law that requires that fake guns have orange plugs in the barrel to distinguish the real from the fake guns. There’s no specific training in the world of fake or real guns. It’s a human natural reaction to act to such a situation. So seldom do these situations ever end up good.

In conclusion on gun violence in America, there will forever be an ongoing battle or rhetoric of gun laws in the U.S. Congress. A woman is shot every sixteen hours by a partner. In the year 2019 alone, in the United States, there were a whopping 15,208 total gun deaths. The effects of gun violence extends far beyond these casualties gun violence shapes the lives of millions of Americans who witness it, know someone who lives in fear of the next shooting. Nearly two-thirds of gun deaths are suicides. Gun violence has completely saturated our American cities. The Bible at 2 Timothy 3:1 states that “But know this, that in the last days critical times hard to deal with will be here”. So with that being said I am going to try to do better, and expect better for myself and try to stay prayed up for myself as well as others.

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