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In October 1977, John and Maryanne McCormack opened the first Visible Changes salon in Greenspoint Mall in Houston, Texas. Their dream was to get down a revolution in the hair tonic industry by constructing a company that provided high-quality service from well-trained stylists, leting all staff members to go successful. Maryanne developed a haircutting system that ensured quality haircuts while John worked on the concern program that would do Visible Changes a success.

John and Maryanne believed strongly in their dream. However, the Bankss and mall-owners did non. Hairdressing was non considered a legitimate profession since stylists quit often and salons were low-volume. Merely one banker out of the 300 had the religion that John would run into his ambitious gross revenues projections and accordingly gave him the loan to get down the concern. Maryanne fared no better in happening qualified stylists, sifting through over 300 appliers before engaging the first six Visible Changes hairstylists. Their continuity is typical of the spirit at Visible Changes.

To hone the haircutting system, Visible Changes’new stylists did free haircuts for the first six hebdomads to do certain clients received great haircuts. The original haircutting staff worked 12-hour yearss and received minimal pay. They sacrificed because they believed in John and Maryanne and knew that Visible Changes would assist them portion the success and the wagess. The first salon was a immense success, and today Visible Changes has salons located in all the major promenades in Houston. We besides have salons in Austin, San Antonio and Dallas.

In 1980, the company invested in a computerized registry, and in 1981, Visible Changes became one of the first companies to to the full computerise all countries of the concern. We believe that it is non merely of import to be progressive in our haircutting and styling, but besides in our concern patterns. Visible Changes was recognized in 1982 by Intercoiffure, an organisation that extends its ranks to merely the finest hair interior decorators in the universe. In 1991, the full Intercoiffure rank elected Maryanne McCormack to the Board of Directors.

Today, each Visible Changes salon norms over $ 2,000,000 in one-year gross revenues. Our 16 locations employ over 700 staff members. Our Artistic Team has had their work featured in Passion and Styles and Stylists magazines. Our salons attract over a 100 thousand clients each month. We update our salons’equipment and visual aspect often to be an industry leader. Our stylists attend go oning instruction in all countries of hairstyling and manner in order to give our clients the latest expressions. We besides offer many benefits non normally found in our industry such as Net income Sharing, Medical Insurance, and Bonuss.

Visible Changes owes our success to the dedication of our clients and our staff members. We commit to supply the best stylists in Texas, so Texans can hold the best manners.


If you are hard-working, goal-oriented, and truly similar people, so a great calling could be waiting for you at Visible Changes. What makes us different from other salons? It’s simple. We offer large company benefits, with a little company attitude.

Our salons are like households. And we have one end in common – to be the best!

If you’rhenium interested in altering your life, look into out Visible and direction. Name 713-984-8800 for the location nearest you. Or, send us your sketch under the CONTACT US subdivision of this site. Thankss for visiting, and we hope to hear from you shortly!

Stylist Training

We offer the best preparation in the industry. From Basic to Advanced, our Training Staff is at that place to assist you happen success. There’s no demand to travel out and acquire your ain preparation; we bring it to you. Our Artistic Team, in coaction with top stylists from around the universe, provides you with the techniques and haircuts that your clients want. All our stylists go through the Basic Training Program in Visible Changes’cutting method. This plan is self-paced and normally takes three to six months to finish. After that, we provide Developmental, Intermediate, and Advanced categories to update your preparation. Training is besides available in colourising and perming hair, and we offer you the pick to specialise in either film editing or chemical work, or to make both.


We offer group insurance to those who qualify, along with alveolar consonant, life, disablement, and malpractice insurance.

Salary and Commission

We guarantee you $ 7.00 an hr once you’re on the cutting floor. But, our committee graduated table is designed to allow you do much more. Our mean stylist is doing about $ 30,000 yearly after three old ages on the floor, and we have some stylists gaining in surplus of $ 100,000! Particular Baseball clubs are set up to gain committee raises throughout your calling.


Every stylist, receptionist, and director earns a year-end fillip based on public presentation and production. Year-end fillips can run from $ 500 to $ 10,000. Stylists are besides eligible for Retail Bonuses based on merchandise gross revenues ( from $ 200 to $ 12,000 ) and Super Bonuses based on entire gross revenues production ( from $ 500 to $ 30,000 ) .

Company Trips

Goals are set up to gain trips to exciting venues. Topographic points like Lake Tahoe, Las Vegas, Caribbean Cruises, Disney World, Cozumel, Club Med Ixtapa, and even Hawaii and Australia! Our trips include airfare, hotel adjustments in the finest hotels, and dinners at the best eating houses.


Your difficult work is rewarded at our Company Conference, where we celebrate the twelvemonth’s success. There, we award Super Bonuses, Retail Bonuses, Company Trips, and trophies for the top stylists in each salon, and in the company. Management and receptionists besides receive awards. This day-long event is professionally produced and characteristics amusement and a four-star repast. Everyone is invited and partners are encouraged to go to.

Net income Sharing

Probably the best benefit is the 1 you can’t utilize until you leave Visible Changes. Our Net income Sharing Plan. Contributions are made into your history by Visible Changes; you don’t set in a penny! All we ask is your difficult work in urging professional merchandises to your clients. After seven old ages of full clip employment, you are% 100 vested, intending that one time you choose to go forth Visible Changes, the money is yours for retirement, or to get down your ain concern. An mean staff member has about $ 100,000 in their history after ten twelvemonth

Management and Receptionists

Not merely do we develop our stylists to be the best; we train our direction and receptionists to be the best. Our Management squad provides you with the motive to accomplish your ends and Al

cubic decimeter the necessary tools to transcend them. Receptionists book assignments and supply for check-in and check-out of your clients, go forthing you free to make what you do best – cut, colour and Perm!

Location and Advertisement By opening Visible Changes salons in major promenades in Houston, Austin, San Antonio and Dallas ( in Plano ) , Texas, we make certain that there is plentifulness of pes traffic for walk-ins and plentifulness of parking. Our modern salons are updated and maintained on a regular basis. You won’t see us publicizing in the documents or on Television because YOU are our best advertizement! We have built a repute throughout Texas as the topographic point to acquire great haircuts and colourss, plus, have a good clip. The money we save on advertisement goes back into your fillips. We do supply booklets for your clients, and concern cards and vouchers for you to construct your patronage.


We’rhenium ever on the sentinel for gifted direction. If you enjoy assisting others reach their highest potency, in an exciting and rewarding atmosphere, so give us a call. No grade or experience in hair tonic is required, but basic supervisory background in a similar concern is a must ( restaurant, retail, client service, etc. ) . We look for person with the ability to remain motivated who is able to actuate others. Our Management Training Program will learn you how to run a salon, recruit, hire and train staff members, construct the concern, set and achieve ends, and much more.

We offer a competitory get downing salary with quarterly and one-year fillips, plus the opportunity to win the company trip. Our Director of the Year receives 1 carat diamond jewellery ( in the form of our corporate logo ) and the usage of the company BMW for the twelvemonth. If you win Manager of the Year three times, you get to maintain the auto!


If you have superior client service and organisational accomplishments, so you have what it takes to be a Visible Changes receptionist. Our receptionists are responsible for recognizing clients, doing assignments, directing clients to the stylists, and pealing up the gross revenues. We offer full and parttime places with the chance for promotion into direction. Pay starts at $ 6 to $ 7 and hr with regular rises for great public presentation. You can besides gain a year-end fillip and extra wage inducements for running a salon on Sundays.


Our services are listed in the undermentioned classs:

*Shampoo and Cut

*Shampoo and Cut, Blowdry or Sculpting

*Shampoo and Blowdry or Sculpting



Monetary values for services vary depending on type of service chosen, and degree of stylist or chemical specializer.

For information on cutters, see degrees. For pricing and appointment handiness, call locations.

Our salons are like households. And we have one end in common – to be the best!

Thankss for visiting, and hope to see you shortly!


Choosing Your Stylist or Chemical Specialist:

Haircutter – Our haircutters are to the full licensed by the State of Texas and have completed the Visible Changes Haircutting Skills developing plan. This strict class takes six to nine months to finish and the campaigner must go through a trial of their abilities.

Senior Cutter – Our Senior Stonecutters have performed a lower limit of 7,000 haircuts and are requested by 50% of the clients they see.

Master Cutter – Our Maestro Cutters have cut over 14,000 caputs of hair and are personally requested by 65% of their patronage.

Style Director – Our Style Directors have 20,000 haircuts deserving of experience and are requested by 80% of their clients.

Art Director – Our Art Directors have at least seven old ages of haircutting experience with Visible Changes and have done over 30,000 haircuts. Permanent Members of our Artistic Team are besides Art Directors.

Chemical Specialist – Our Chemical Specialists have completed the Visible Changes Chemical Services preparation plan and have been tested by a oversing Chemical Department Trainer.

Master Specialist – Our Master Chemical Specialists have a lower limit of two old ages of experience entirely in chemical services with Visible Changes. In add-on, they have performed colour and Perm services on over 4,000 clients.

Color and Perm Directors – Our Color and Perm Directors have a lower limit of seven old ages of experience entirely in chemical services with Visible Changes and have satisfied over 15,000 colour and perm clients.

Visible Changes has a committedness to ongoing instruction. In add-on to the above accomplishments, our stylists attend several preparation seminars throughout the twelvemonth.


Education is one of the most of import elements of Visible Changes. It has played a immense function in the success of the company.

Visible Changes’haircutting system was created by.Maryanne McCormack. Visible Changes requires all new staff members to finish a Basic Training Program, in cutting or chemicals, whether they are new cosmetology alumnuss or experienced in the industry. Necessitating this intense instruction is necessary to keep the quality in the full company.

The Basic Training Program consists of cutting or colourising categories every bit good as other facets of the profession. This includes client service, end scene, titling and communicating accomplishments.

When the quality and apprehension is achieved and the concluding test has been passed the stylist or chemical specializer is promoted to the first degree.

Each degree must graduate through a series of categories before traveling up to a higher degree. Even after deriving the highest degree, our staff members must go on their instruction by go toing seasonal categories to maintain them on the cutting border of manner.


STATS PLUS offers a full featured Salon Management package. Its characteristics include an Electronic Appointment Book, a Point of Sale system, Inventory Tracking, a

paysheet system, and an extended assortment of studies. With over 10 old ages of supplying package for High Volume salons, STATS PLUS can supply you with the package tools necessary to assist you pull off your salon more expeditiously.

We welcome you to name and ask about our package at 713-935-4470 or e-mail us at stats @ visiblechanges.com.


Visible Changes’Artistic Team is made up of some of our most gifted staff members. The squad is responsible for developing the full company in the latest film editing and colour techniques. They are besides responsible for making hair and makeup for all of the postings hanging in the Visible Changes Salons and all of our exposures seen in hair magazines. The squad besides sponsors manner shows throughout the twelvemonth, many to assist raise money for local charities.

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