[Solved] visual arts websites


            This website is dedicated to the artistic expression of people with disabilities. The most interesting section is the Meet the Artists link. This link is somewhat hard to navigate but it provides a wealth of information about the artists and exhibitions showing their work. The site also has links to a comprehensive list of resources for disabled people as well as variety of education programs to allow them an opportunity to create. The best part of the site is the featured artist photo on the homepage. The featured artists are displayed like a slideshow so one can view several pieces of art just by visiting the homepage. This link shows a picture of the art and a visitor can click on it to learn more about the artist and artwork. The only problem with the link is that it directs the viewer to a search page instead of directly to the information.


            This website is a valuable resource for visual arts teachers. The homepage allows the teacher to type in a search word related to the visual arts. They are then linked to different resources that often include a video presentation. In addition to the video, the resource is described with links to program description, curriculum connection and lifelong learning. This is a highly recommended sight that can make art come alive through many different visual arts programs.


            The Denver Art Museum is a well known museum that has over 60,000 pieces of art on display. A visit to the homepage provides links to a variety of information including how to purchase tickets, information about exhibits, and activities for children, teachers and families. The website does a thorough job of describing each temporary exhibit and also provides information on upcoming exhibitions. It also has links to each of its collections of art. The only drawback to this website is that one could spend hours looking at and reading about the art.


            The Children’s Aid Society provides visual arts programs to children in order to expose them to art and help them build creativity. The homepage has informational links to a variety of information including who CAS serves, where to find programs and how to get involved. The link with the most significance is the photo gallery link. This link shows children engaging in the visual arts and also provides pictures of some of the art the children have created. This is a very powerful website because it provides opportunities for children to learn about art – sometimes the only opportunities they have.


            This website is very interesting for those who love the art of Georgia O’Keefe. The homepage includes a slideshow with photographs of O’Keefe as well as some of her best paintings. The site details the life of O’Keefe and highlights her beloved art. This site contributes to the visual arts field because it highlights American Modernism; the style that O’Keefe used in her famous paintings. Any artist attempting to incorporate the American Modernism style into his or her work must read about Georgia O’Keefe.


            This is a really great website for people aspiring to receive a visual arts degree. The homepage is rather chaotic but provides good information for anyone wishing to enroll in a visual arts school. A visitor can take a virtual tour of the school and apply online. The Student Art link provides examples of what types of art are created. If a visitor has a great deal of time these pieces of art are worth looking at.


            This is the most comprehensive list of art galleries available. Each state has an individual link that then provides gallery names and internet addresses. There are links to over 4000 art galleries across the country. All types of visual arts are included. This is the go to site for anyone wishing buy or sell art, add pieces to an art collection or just look at art.


            This site is dedicated to promoting visual art. It has links to a variety of different types of visual art. Each link then leads to a list of different resources, including some individual artists. It includes a huge variety of different types of visual art – many with subtypes. The best feature is the inclusion of outside websites specifically dedicated to each type of art.


            This is a website supported by the Guggenheim Museum that is dedicated to improving arts education through artists-in-the-schools program. Art educators can find all the information they need about incorporating this type of art program into their schools. It also provides teachers with research findings that back up arts education as well as opportunities for professional development. The website also includes links to exhibitions around the world. These links provide an opportunity to view some of the art on display.


            This is an awesome website for anyone wishing to go into the architectural side of visual arts. It is sponsored by the Frank Lloyd Wright Preservation Trust. This website allows people to design their own house, tour their completed house and then share it with others. This is the best feature of the entire site. The only drawback is that hours could go quickly by as one gets so involved in the creation. The site also provides information about the past and present of architecture as well information about Frank Lloyd Wright. The design studio is where the house is created and the design gallery is where it is toured and displayed. This is also where other peoples’ designs can be toured and critiqued.

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