[Solved] walking below the sea blue sky

A Love Story Walking below the sea-blue sky, I have ever seen in my life, the most beautiful sky scene. The sunlight seemed like it could penetrate my heart, gently touching my tense heart using its warm arms. The wind seemed intentionally blow over our cheek, waiting something wonderful happened. I knew, deeply with my heart, it was the time to show my heart to her in such beautiful time and atmosphere. It was in that time my heartbeat became faster and faster, which just like that will make a speech in front of thousands of people, exciting and nervous, but wonderful. What a great moment it was for me.

At last, those few words finally ran out of my mouth slightly and moving “l love you, will you be my girlfriend? ” How simple are those few words. However, it was so hard to speak out those two sentences, or I should say, confess my heart to her. She was so surprised to my confession. At that moment, she didn’t say anything, neither I. As a young boy, the first time fall in love with a girl, that should be the most beautiful time in my life. A young boy arrived at puberty. The love of buds was unfolded in the sunshine the whole world cheer up for my brave to my heart ? and there would not be second time, no longer, never.

All the beauty would stop at that moment, which would hide in my heart forever. No matter how wonderful it is, beautiful story always starts naturally, no warning and signs. It just happened, and I was in. The first time I met her was in the classroom when she was distributing test papers since she was the English subject representative and good at English while my poor English made me no brave to talk with her at first. “Is this your English test paper? ” she said to me With a sweet smile and looked at me. “Yes, thank you, am Patrick. By the way, your eyes are beautiful. “Oh, thank you. Do you need mom help about English? Your test score… ” I had a little bit blushes, but elated. “Of course, thank you so much” However, at that moment, knew that I was totally attracted by her kindness, and her attractive eyes, which were totally different with others, more beautiful and alive. I was sure that was a feeling, which made me really want to know and learn more about her if it was possible. From that time, I always made chances to talk with her, help her resolve question about math, or catch the chance to ask questions about English.

English questions always helped me to approach her and stay with her. At the same time, when she came in front of me, asking for help about hard math questions, I became passionate and explained every details to her. Sometimes, I would think, out of my wishful thinking, she liked me and wanted to find the chance to be close to me. I could say, her every movement, including the smile, a little hop out of happiness, a slightly change at her sellable would make me happy all day, which just like some magic that couldn’t explain it, but it did exist.

Now, when I recall this memory, the beautiful, sweet and unforgettable memories, feel deeply happy out of my heart that still is full of love. If it is possible, would like to stop growing up, just stop at that age and that sweet time, studying in high school and staying with her. However, no one can stop the elapse of time. Keep growing up, experiencing more and more different kind of life. But one thing still doesn’t change for now. That is my heart to her, which I wish it never change and keep it forever.

How can I describe my feeling by using the inanimate words? No, I cannot, words couldn’t contain any feeling. It is me, myself that have experienced that feeling, so I can feel that. I loved her after we knew and learned more about each other’s experiences and life. I had known that girl about two years before I told her I love her. Before that we were intimate friends that we could talk about anything in our life, no matter good or tough. We shared our story happened in our life, truly listening the other’s good or harsh story.

I would console her when she talk about her hard time and told her everything would become better because would keep her accompany and resolve those hard problem for her. She would be better after my comfort words. The same, she always told me, sincerely, “Believe me, things will be better. I will always be there anytime you need me. ” That period Of time made two people more close not Only in physical, but also in heart and mind. It was because this processes, not just her beautiful eyes, but also her kindness, sincere, and a heart full of love that made me fall in love with her, bonding her heart with mine.

Maybe, hoped she had the same feeling with me. And it was. One year ago, after we graduated from high school, released from intense hard studying she told me that she had fell in love with me too, in that beautiful period time. That was my first time to express my love to a girl. When shared this story with my friends who almost could alkali about anything of my life, no matter good or bad. They always asked me, “Did that girl accept you? ” “Does the girl still love your “That would not be important. We have had a beautiful, sweet time, experienced and shared our life together.

All the good memories have stopped at that moment. That is the most important, I think. ” I told them with a blissful smile. However, my answer would make them disappointed since I told them it stopped at that moment. Maybe you will be curious how time can stop at that moment forever. Time will never stopped for anyone who wants it stop, but if your heart never changes you will stop at that moment forever, enjoying the beauty of it. Just like, maybe now she will no longer love me any more, or she has found another person that she really love. It doesn’t matter now, because the relationship been. En her and me had stopped at that time and was buried in our heart as an unforgettable and beautiful memory. No one can change it, or no one could replace me in her memory. The same thing, no any other girl could take the place of her in my memory about her. That is the beauty Of love. Even her answer may disappointed me, since she said, “l am so glad you ask me to be your girlfriend. You are a very good boy that ever have met. However, I cannot do that now, I need to focus my study and hope you do you study well. ” “En, That’s K. You still and always are my best friend.

Then let us study together,” said that with smile. “Of course, you are my best friend too. Thank you for your understand,” she said while her bright eyes looked at me out of happiness. I knew could tell. Just for this experience about love, I cannot say I have understood what love is or what it looks like when you love someone. What is love? That really should be a tough question because love, as for as am concerned, cannot be describe in language or some words. For myself, I feel energetic, excited, overjoyed and awesome, maybe sometimes overwhelmed, when I fell in love with that girl.

Love is a kind of special feeling for me. Since just tried to start to love but not really had a long and trust relationship with girl. So what have understood is that love begins with feeling. I never wish everyone would agree with my opinion. That is impossible since every individual has different experience. Naturally, they will have different definition about love, their own love. If you look for a dictionary, this is the definition about love: “a passionate feeling of romantic sire and sexual attraction. ” What is love again?

About this question, have asked some of my friends, who come from China, American, Korea. They cannot describe what love is. They just show me their love story. “l feel my life bloom forever when I fall in love with my girlfriend,” Steven said. “When my girlfriend appeared in my life, all the hardship, sadness was gone, just left happiness,” my best friend Frank said, sincerely. “It was a tough time when I had a good relationship with my girlfriend. However, it was, and will be my most sweet, beautiful memory in my life,” Michael said to me.. Nevertheless, we all agree that love begins with feeling.

When my friend shared his story with us, I could tell how happy he was from his bright blissful face and threadlike eyes, flowing the light of love, which was a feeling that couldn’t be described by words. You need to feel that by your heart, which is full of love. That is the miracle of love, intangible and invisible, which you cannot touch or store, like you can touch your favorite basketball and store it in your locker, but it does exist. Everyone has one or several beautiful and unforgettable story in his life. I am not sure those story are all about love r their lover.

Nevertheless, love is so important to all of us and has affected every single person. My story may not be that touching, but this is my beautiful memory, which I hide in my heart few years and recall it again and again. Chose to share this beautiful experience of my high school life, which would be my most unforgettable and significant time, my golden age of my life as well, just for sharing with my readers and arousing those most moving, beautiful and unforgettable experience, and that experience may have a very considerable affect to the attitude and value about life.

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