[Solved] want and ideal roommate

Everybody in this world have their own dream to become successful as what they want. Somebody think that they must further study to the higher education in the college and university to gain the dream. When we talk about further study, one of the related matter that need to thing is about ideal roommate.

It is occurred, when we living far away from our family three or even four year for studying in colleges or universities. In this new situation, many students have to adapt themselves with many changes. One of the changes is living or sharing a dorm-room with a completely strange person. When we need to living with a strange person one thing that we will always want is an ideal roommate.

This is very important to avoid a problem and conflict between us ang our roommate. What are criteria to become an ideal roommate? Let’s examine some following suggestion.Firstly, an ideal roommate should be compatible. Students have to face with a lot of stressful things when coping with academic subjects in their classes or dealing with a new environment.

So, after facing such a lot of stressful thing they hope their roommate can be an understanding and dedicated person, with whom they can feel better, more relaxed and comfortable whenever they are together talking; learning; or even moaning about their problem. Besides that, living with a roommate who has many thing in common would be more ideal for them to built understanding and can avoid a conflict. This situation can make they feel a precious student life, which seem very challenging and laborious to become more meaningful and memorable. It also help them avoid lots of trouble.

For example, they want to study in quite dorm-room, but their roommates often listen music to louder. So that compatible attitude can making them as an ideal roommates for a long period of time.Secondly, responsibility and honestly are two other good characteristics of an ideal roommate. This is because, living together with a lazy and irresponsible roommate during a semester or a year would be a disaster and would ruining the meaning of student life.

Let’s us try to imagine that a roommate who never lifts a finger to do chores, although they seem very simple things such as cleaning a bathroom and tidying up her studying corner. Moreover, everything worsens when they lost the trust at theirroommate. They will never be rested in their mind, thereby cannot focus on their study, while their roommate often stole their things and always refuse to accept their faults and avoid advise from the roommate to changes the bad behaviour. That is means, good attitude and behaviour is very important to make sure that we can become an ideal roommate.

An ideal roommate also must be a tolerance person. That means, they can compromise when something happen and give and take in any situation between both of them. This is very vital criteria if they want to be an ideal roommate because tolerance can also be a best way to avoid conflict between the roommate. For example, as a student sometimes they need to stay up at the night for revision or settle down their assignment because the due date to submit is around the corner.

So, as an ideal roommate you must be tolerance to your roommate to allow her or him to switch on the lamp if they need to do so. This is show that you can compromise to your roommate because he or she facing the emergency situation and this is also the first time he or she do this thing. So, it is means, tolerance need for both of roommate to be an ideal roommate.Then, an effective two way communication is also a vital element which need to applied to became an ideal roommate.

It is means, when you and your roommate have any problem an misunderstanding between both of you, what should do is make a discussion in a proper conversation. Let your roommate know how you are feeling. Try not to attack your roommate too much, no matter how frustrated you are. Try using language that won’t make her defensive, too.

For example, instead of saying, “I can’t believe how selfish you are when it comes to my things,” try saying, “It really frustrates me that you borrow my clothes without asking.” The more you verbally attack your roommate (or anyone else, for that matter), the more her defenses are going to go up. Take a deep breath and say what you need to in a way that is constructive and respectful. After all, you’d want the same from your roommate, right? And, as hard as it may be, try to listen to what your roommate has to say without getting defensive or interrupting.

It may take you biting your cheeks, sitting on your hands, or mentally pretending that you’re talking on a tropical beach, but do your best. Your roommate may havesome valid reasons behind what’s going on and be frustrated, too. The only way you are going to get to the bottom of everything is to put it out on the table, talk about it, and see what you can do. You’re in college now; it’s time to address this like the adult that you are.

Try to address the things you both said in a way that can satisfy everyone. Most likely, you both won’t leave 100% happy, but ideally you can both leavefeeling relieved and ready to move on. This element can help the student to become an ideal roommate and avoid a problem between them.As a conclusion, an ideal roommate should be a congenial, trustworthy, tolarance, and comsiderate person.

Living with a complete stranger would be difficult and troublesome at the first time, but an ideal roommate, they will together overcome every obstacle in a rasional as an educated person.

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