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Westside Story Essay, Research Paper

Romeo & A ; Juliet and Westside Story

The dramas Romeo and Juliet and Westside Story have many

similarities and differences. One major comparison and contrast in the two,

are the chief characters. Tony, one of the chief male characters in

Westside Story, is comparable to Romeo ; Maria of Westside Story, is

comparable to Juliet. Some of the other comparable characters include:

Anita to the nurse, Riff to Mercutio, and Bernardo to Tybalt.

Tony and Romeo have many similarities, nevertheless, there are besides

some differences. They both fall in love with a miss from a wholly different

societal group. Both of the work forces are in groups that are challengers of the group

that their lover is in. When Romeo confides in his friend the Friar, and

Tony to the confect shop proprietor, both work forces have a similar reaction but

agree to assist in any manner possible. When Romeo gets married to Juliet,

the Friar marries them. When Tony marries Maria, they say their vows to

each other, with cipher else about. Besides, in Romeo and Juliet, the Friar

plants out the program for them to be together. In Westside Story, it is Maria

and Tony the brand up the program. At the terminal of A Westside Story Tony is

killed by Chino, who is compared to Paris. However, in Romeo and Juliet

it is Romeo who kills Paris.

Maria, of Westside Story, is besides much like Juliet. However, there

are more differences between Juliet and Maria, than there are between

Romeo and Tony. Maria, alternatively of holding a nurse, has her friend, Anita,

/ & gt ;

who helped her through her young person. In Romeo and Juliet, Juliet fakes her

decease by imbibing a potion given to her by the Friar, and awaits Romeo in

the household grave. In Westside Story, Maria becomes angry, because she

is told that Tony was killed by Chino ; when in fact, Tony was still alive.

When Maria heard the intelligence of Tony s decease, she went looking for Chino

to kill her, excessively. To Maria s surprise, while she is seeking the streets for

Chino, she finds Tony, who is so changeable and killed by Chino. The biggest

difference between Maria and Juliet, is that in the terminal of Romeo and

Juliet, Juliet commits self-destruction when she finds Romeo dead. Whereas, in

Westside Story, Maria is ne’er killed. She does, nevertheless, plead to be

killed besides, so she could be with Tony, every bit good as, endangering to kill all the

work forces that had anything to make with the force.

The other comparable characters were harder to detect the

differences because they did non hold such big parts. However, there

are still major differences and similarities. Riff, being compared to

Mercutio, was kind of the leader. He was besides the first to be killed within

the pack. Bernardo, being compared to Tybalt, had a hot pique, and

became violent easy. Bernardo was Maria s cousin, and Tybalt was

Juliet s cousin. Bernardo was killed in the rumble, and so was Tybalt.

Finally, there are many comparings and contrasts between the

two dramas. Between characters, every bit good as secret plan. Although some of them

are really little, they make the two really much different.

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