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What Can I Know Essay, Research Paper

? What Can I Know? ?

Over history, the human race has striven for truth and understanding logic. When seeking to understand this, a individual approaches the philosophical inquiry, ? What can I cognize? ? With this philosophical inquiry comes the heroic conflict between whether or non a individual should establish an sentiment on empicism or rationalism. I believe that I need to be shown facts and logic to understand something, nevertheless I besides rely on my senses to beef up my ego. First of all empicism is when a individual bases what they have seen on pure senses, or when a individual merely relies on their five senses to explicate what they see around them. However, if a individual relies on logic and fact, that individual is a positivist. I believe that a individual should utilize facts and logic to explicate events, merely because establishing something on sight entirely is non dependable, and there is nil to endorse up 1s theory. There are many cases that support my ground to take rationalism over empiricist philosophy. Take the evident sightings of UFO? s ( vague winging object ) people have claimed to see these objects, yet there is small grounds that proves their claim. The inquiry arises how can a individual prove this? The reply is they can non because there are non facts or logic that back it up? However, there are the apparent sightings of the? lock cape monster, ? which once more is merely based on empiciam. Since all of spying are based on a individual? s senses. Then, there is the major inquiry of the being of God. I steadfastly believe that there is a holy God, and this supernatural being is involved in our every twenty-four hours life. This God is holy and will penalize the people that wrong the society, and will praise the goodness. I besides believe that this God was the Godhead of the existence, and the world that we live in today.

Thesis: I believe that rational and logical thought should be used to work out jobs, because 1 ) Rationalism better explains jobs so empiricist philosophy, 2 ) That miracles have grounds and can be explained, in malice of 1 ) If God is holy so why is at that place enduring, 2 ) What grounds proves the beings of God.

The holy God can explicate miracles and other phenomenal events, because everything has a ground. Miracles go on to praise the good and helps destruct the bad. When a individual looks closely at the Bible they may see many sto

ries that involve phenomenal events. With this God have miracles take topographic point for a intent, in order for the agony and the bad to be destroyed. Take for illustration, Moses separating the Red Sea, in this phenomenal event he allowed his people to walk through the parted Sea. When making this Moses cleared away the H2O in order for his people to acquire to the other side, clearly this is a miracle. The narrative about the farewell of the Red Sea has several different versions, but is by and large the same. With this God seems to hold miracles go on for a intent to assist the good. In decision to this idea I believe that God is the Godhead of miracles and phenomenal events.

I believe that I am a positivist and a individual should merely trust on logic and facts to understand jobs. I believe that when a individual thinks with a rational head they are able to grok better. Using an empirical head a individual is merely focused on their senses and so that individual is limited to merely their senses. With this a individual can non utilize their logical head. Therefore that individual is unable to do an accurate premise. In decision a individual should utilize logical logical thinking to work out jobs, because logic can be more accurate so a individuals senses.

An opposition might oppugn how can God be holy and yet have all the agonies in today? s society. My ground to this expostulation is that God works in cryptic ways and by holding enduring now may salvage people in the long tally. For cases if God kills a individual now, possibly in a twosome old ages that individual took the enduring off from many others. Besides, there is another ground why God would hold agony, is to penalize another individual for wrongdoing. God creates agonies in his universe, in order to assist people recognize their errors so they do non do the same errors twice. As a sanctum God he must penalize people for transgressing, to assist praise the? good? citizens as good.

Besides, another inquiry an opposition might propose is that how make you cognize there is a God? The Bible is a written papers that states the there is a God, and it helps better understand the beings of the Supreme Being. Besides, traveling back to the idea of miracles, scientific discipline can non explicate miracles. Furthermore at that place has to be a Supreme Being making these miracles. With these illustrations, I steadfastly believe that there is a God, and this being is the Godhead of the existence.

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