[Solved] what do you consider to be youre greatest achievement

What do you consider to be you’re greatest achievement? Why does it mean so much to you? Right now I’m here. I’m sitting in my class. My hands are completely cold and frozen but that shouldn’t matter to you. All you want to know is about my greatest achievement. What is an achievement in the first place? Taking hold of your dream? A lifelong goal you worked so hard for? But what if I don’t have this kind of an achievement? Because the first achievement I ever had was winning my first debate. It was a long time ago but do you want me to tell you about it? It was horrible.

People saw me on the stage, they clapped they cheered as they heard my voice. I shouted my views about justice, about fairness and change. But I could see from their expressions that were too busy laughing at my sarcasm and witty statements to really notice what I was saying. While the judges nodded away giving me an empty trophy which seemed cold and heartless against my warm voice and ideas about * changing the world*. In the end the world remained unchanged and unaffected and my cute little speech was forever forgotten. How can this be an achievement? When it never gave me any joy?

When it never even changed a speck in the universe . Nobody did anything about it. Injustice was still there and corruption was still spreading. It doesn’t take a Leonardo, Newton or Einstein to figure this out. This is broken. Have you ever noticed this before? Everything is infected and dead. The chairs are dead. The walls are cracked and the windows….. Shattered. The world is infected into thinking and believing in one thing as the *greatest achievement* and that is to be rich, famous and successful. The students that cram up the Topical come first in school.

The teachers come and teach about not about the world but how to get rich and successful in it . They are sometimes too worldly and I mark them too as infected as *sick*. But at the start of the year the kids …their very much *alive *. they breath they talk and they have ideas, they have talent…not for and how they can get rich and famous but talent for changing the world for the better, and its funny that a place where people actually send their kids to learn is the place where they lose much of their *talent* and forget how to breath. They become a part of the pictures queue where ramming works and morality is at zero. So, if you complain about corruption, if you complain about unfairness, discrimination, poverty, rape, suicide, divorces, and murder and if you complain about the society being sick this is only because the education system is sick. So, if you really want to know about my greatest achievement then I guess I don’t really have one for it is really hard to accomplish a *real* achievement in a sick world . I a sick society and in a sick education system is sick. Even if an I do have an achievement to be honest a *real* one that is…… I guess it is the fact that I am not sick…yet.

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