[Solved] what do you learn from your classmates

Working with my classmates has helped my writing and me in many ways. The peer editing comments help me know what to change in my writing. When I read and hear other classmate’s essays and journals it gives a lot of information that I didn’t even know. When peer editing, it helps me understand what people think about my writing and how they think I can make it better. The comments that are given to me by the editor tells me what to change. Also when you peer edit, the editor tells you what grammar or spelling mistake you have made, so you can change it.

I believe that when you peer edit, it helps to make your writing that is the best. It also help you learn how to write better sentences and helps you see if the reader understands your point or you need to explain it in another way. When we peer edit multiple times, you get to know the opinion of more than one person on your writing. That helps me in many ways. First if the first editor missed a incorrect spelling, grammar or anything else the second editor most like will get it and if they don’t the third one might get it.

Sometimes I peer edit my younger brother’s writing work and when he turns it in, and gets it graded, he barely has any mistakes. When a classmate is reading his/her essay or journal I feel like I am getting new information, and when I read to others I feel like I am giving the new information. Besides when we read our writing It helps me pay attention more in the class because the teacher is asking us questions about the reader’s writing. When the teacher is asking questions, it starts up your brain and puts it to work.

My brain sometimes doesn’t feel like working in class but when the teacher ask questions my brain just wants to find out the answer and answer it. When my classmates read their journals, I sometimes, not always, get to know something more about them. Also when I read their journals or essay, I learn something from them, like new words, better ways of writing sentences and much more. In conclusion, I have learned many thing from my classmates since the start of the semester.

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