[Solved] what do you really want

The question of what I feel when I close my eyes and imagine is a very personal topic for me.

When I do close my eyes, I always imagine what my face will be like after thirty years. I think about my dreams with a compelling smile. I want to accomplish a lot of things in my life and at the same time, become someone rather just anyone. However, this does not prove to be something that is very easy to do.

I realized that if I want to reach my dreams, I would have to set everything in my life in order. When I was young, I wanted to be the president of my country.Back then, I thought that the president earned a great amount of money in Korea. Also, being the innocent child that I was, I thought that the president was the owner of the country, and that he or she can decide everything if he or she wants to.

Over time, I realized that my thinking was erroneous and that I still had so many things to learn from the world. I learned the truth about how much money presidents earn and that they do not really decide things in haste. I was upset that my dream was not at all what I expected. The fact that I would change my dreams also added to what I felt at that time.

Professionally, I dream of becoming the Chief-Executive-Officer of a successful and powerful company. I want to be someone whom everyone will recognize because of my achievements and my skills. Although making money is a part of my decision, I also want to become a good influence and example to other employees and workers who have high dreams. I want to impart my knowledge to other people and I believe that I can only do these things by possessing a top position such as a CEO.

Personally, I want to be able to live somewhere quiet and secluded with my wife where we can raise our kids. I also want to travel the world with my wife.I do not have specific destinations but I want to experience various cultures and places by cruise. To achieve my dreams, I am aware that I have to finish my education and experience numerous things.

I know that it is still a long way and I am willing to undergo all the training I can get just to materialize my dreams and goals. I am very interested in the field of trade, which is why I am thinking of starting my own trading company. I also want to put up my own foundation, which would be named the Juyoung Foundation. This foundation would focus on helping people who do not have enough money to study.

Through the money that would come from my foundation, poor children would be able to receive proper quality education and would even have the chance to study abroad. At this time, I have finished my preparation to make my dreams come true. I change the setting to a quiet countryside where I am old and enjoying my life. Every morning I run to face green plains and I can breathe fresh air.

There are farm animals around and I enjoy a glass of warm cow’s milk. I sit beside a horse instead of car. If I have achieved everything I want, many people would visit my house. They come here because they need my help to achieve success in their lives.

They express their gratitude for my donations through my foundation. I treat them with some fruits and food. I think that it is a very beautiful situation because everything is in order and everyone is contented and happy. I feel as if I have already come to my last station.

After everything that has been said, I realize that if I want to accomplish my dreams, I have to go through different phases that may or may not be difficult. If I approach my problems with the right attitude, I can overcome everything to achieve my dreams. And at this time, I am still running with a smile on my face in the forest.

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