[Solved] what give me mba program

The development of a country and improvement of its living standards require improvement and promotion of management in economic, social, productive, and service organizations. By improving management, productivity can increase. However, achieving such a place requires proficiency in management.

Today, the need to equip my country, Iran, with qualified managers is well-understood since managers are individuals with education, expertise, and experience in technical fields and engineering and the focus of such disciplines is on scientific aspects while graduates in their operational environments require managerial skills. Business is something for which you cannot get prepared only theoretically. During my time in management sector, I have come to realize that a combination of knowledge and experience is the key to making a viable decision which drives growth and expansion.

I have 5 years of managerial experience. At the position of sales manager, my strategies successfully pulled the company out of recession and it has been experiencing rising sales every year during my time. Despite my accomplishments, I am still in my comfort zone and I have run out of challenges and learning opportunities. I face limits to grow. Now I am ready to develop my skills and acquire new experiences and I believe that the MBA will provide me the integrated knowledge and experience I need to become a successful manager. To fill in my knowledge gaps, I would like to embark on University Canada West MBA journey to break into the world business stage.

MBA would give me the platform to examine my capabilities and groom myself as a professional. In MBA, I would learn the desired skill set I wish to master and use them to build my career. It is difficult to be successful in management without an MBA because when you directly start building your idea in the real world, you will learn through trial and error which might be quite expensive especially with my country’s variable policies.

In an MBA program, I have the leverage to screw upon case studies and an MBA degree can open up new avenues, providing me with a direction for my career and will help upgrade my skills and knowledge to keep in line with the changing trends.

After getting my degree in MBA at UCW, I plan to become V.P. of Sales and Marketing for a glass manufacturer in my country, Iran. MBA will help me to learn the theories, models and other analytical tools, and I would like to implement my learning in the operations and marketing of our products to the firm as the leading manufacturer and make an impact in the field of glass. I desire to promote the company to the level of a profitable, international, and leading company in its industry.

My long-term goal is to become an entrepreneur in Iran. Every day I think about developing a business in my country.

Entrepreneurship and exports are two key factors in the economic growth process of my country through creation and development of new businesses. Every country needs export strategies in order to survive in the global market and gain a larger share or at least maintain its current position.

Iran makes little contribution to the international market in spite of having a high potential for export. This is due to inadequate knowledge and inability to generate consumer demands and this is the greatest weakness in the Iranian market. Devising strategies to enter the international market is a complex and difficult matter because of the dynamic nature and complexity of the issue as well as the impact of different variables. MBA gives me the knowledge and prospect to identify important variables determining strategies for entering the international market and export. Moreover, international experience will lead to the creation of specialized knowledge regarding export activities and it provides necessary information to apply to foreign markets. Having international experience reduces the risk of export and removes barriers to entry into the international market.

Besides, I would like to become a role model for women of my country. In the Iranian context, women experience internal and external barriers to start a business. Some of the internal problems of women in business are related to their lower confidence, more fear of failure, weakness in entrepreneurial networks, and less knowledge and experience in both business and management. However, their external barriers are related to social values about women’s abilities in management and business as well as diversity of their responsibilities.

The role models can help to alleviate mentioned barriers and break down prevailing gender stereotypes. Therefore, I would like to act as a role model and mentor, setting an example and providing valuable lessons for aspiring women entrepreneurs.

I hope that one day I make my own contribution to the development of my country and bring the world closer together through business in international level.

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