[Solved] what should a billionaire give and what should you

Not everyone can write a big check to their favorite donation foundation, but everyone should give something to someone that is worst off than they are themselves. Billionaires like Bill Gates give millions to charity year after year; yet we still see and talk about the same things that are wrong with the world year after year as well. Those millions of dollars are sent to other countries to try to get them on their feet. But, millions of people here, Americans, are still starving and illiterate. Think what those millions of dollars could do for us. Along with the millions of hands of the middle and lower class citizens in America, we could get this country running smoothly again again. As well as set an example for other countries. Humanity as a whole needs to move forward and put their money towards the bigger, better, and more important things. Things like starvation and illiteracy should be illuminated everywhere, but we need to start here.

As sad as it is, we as intelligent human beings over the years have made money a factor for everything that we do. Some people suffer for this reason, others; like Bill Gates for example, have made money their trademark. Those are the people that have already made it to the next step, and because of that their children and many future generations to come will benefit greatly. That’s obvious; but what isn’t so obvious is how beneficial it would be to team up as fellow Americans and try to help bring our society as a whole up a couple of steps, and set an example doing it.

People are suffering everywhere around the world, that’s just a fact. Not from all the same things that us American’s are suffering from, but we are suffering all in the same. Don’t get me wrong, I feel just as bad as the next person about countries and people overseas and their well being, but with all do respect, I feel like we have a lot of problems that fellow American’s could help get solved if we weren’t worried about all those other countries all the time. The rich and highly intelligent could give money and new ideas that could be put to use to benefit the less fortunate here on our home soil. In return, the less fortunate could use that money and those ideas to go towards things that we need, and that will benefit us down the road for generations to come.

Is it such a bad idea to help our own people get ahead of the struggling pack and just set an example that other countries could look at and tweak to fit their own nation’s problem? Instead of trying to play mother, why don’t we just play big brother in today’s world, and get our own lives on track to make our nation more intelligent and better equip to fit today’s needs. Once we as a country are stable and doing good again, and our poverty level and unemployment rate drops, then we could start to lend a hand to more poverty stricken countries.

It might sound bad, but we as a country are barely walking on our own two feet, after we borrowed crutches from China, and after we were running so well in the past. So, why shouldn’t we as a country take a seat, and try to rethink our choices we’re making, and adjust the problem correctly for our own benefit? We can help other countries get back on their own feet, and we can bring food for them and water for them; but we need get back on our own feet first. It starts with the people that have the entrepreneurship skills and the money to get the ball rolling, and it ends with us carrying out good deeds and being examples for other people to benefit as human beings, no matter what race, ethnicity, culture, or region because of it.

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