[Solved] what to do about louie

Louie is the manager of a muffler and brake shop by a busy highway.

A representative of the home office comes by to question him about homophobic, racial, sexist, and ageist comments and incidents that have been occurring frequently. Louie does not seem very perturbed by the situation and seems to ignore the comments of the representative. It would not be fair to call Louie a bigot although he most definitely embodies the traits of someone who suffers from cultural ignorance and prescribes to stereotypes.This is really not what any company should want in a manager and his attitude is extremely self-defeating as far as the operation of the business goes.

That is why it makes sense that someone above him in the chain of command address the problems with him and see that they are corrected. 1. Does Louie have a problem, or are the people who made the negative comments about Louie just being too sensitive? Louie most definitely has a problem because he is insulting many of his customers.When insulted or treated with disrespect, people have a right to complain abut their treatment and suggest the behavior is corrected.

2. If you were the CEO og Mighty Muffler Brake, would the profitability of Louie’s store influence your decision about approaching him about his ability to relate to culturally diverse people? If Louie is acting in an irresponsible manner and in violation of EEO policies then he needs to cease his behavior or find a new place of employment. His actions are a liability and unprofessional 3. What improvements might Louie need to make to become a truly multicultural manager?Louie would need to develop a more disciplined approach to how he speaks to people.

He should also be willing to listen to criticism and develop a more open attitude towards the feelings of others. He also needs to improve his professionalism on the job. 4. What activity would you recommend to help make Louie more culturally sensitive? It would not hurt Louie to enroll in diversity training or to develop a more disciplined approach to his job.

His role in the office is not to insult his customers or treat his employees disrespectfully

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