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Where Am I Wearing a New World Kelsey Timmerman, from rural Ohio, is the author of the book Where Am I Wearing. The spark that influenced his interest in traveling to other countries was because of the pile of clothes on his floor. After Timmerman saw this, he looked at the tags on his clothes. He then wondered exactly where did his clothes come from. The group of people that this book surrounds are American Consumers. Timmerman wanted them to lose their consumer innocence. He wanted them to change their buying habits because the clothes equal the people.

Kelsey Timmerman wrote this book because he wanted the American Consumers to see exactly where their clothes are from. He wanted them to understand what the lives of the people in Bangladesh, Cambodia, and China are like. Kelsey Timmerman wanted the American Consumers to feel sympathy for the sweatshop workers, and every one else there for that matter. Kelsey Timmerman wrote the book Where Am I Wearing to change peoples buying habits by telling his stories of what he saw in Bangladesh, Cambodia, and China. Kelsey Timmerman describes his experiences with the harsh working conditions in Bangladesh. If you look closely, you can still read the faded tag. It reads, Made in Bangladesh. And though a country whose population is 83 percent Muslim couldn’t give a hoot about Christmas, I’m about to learn they get pretty excited about my underwear. ” Page 24. He talks about how even though most of Bangladesh is Muslim they still make Christmas items. No one really knows who is making their clothes. Timmerman says how, in Bangladesh, they still make our clothes even if it’s not in their culture. “ The floor of Dalton’s childhood home is dirt, but it is the cleanest dirt floor one could possibly imagine.

Dalton’s aunt swept the dirt floor with a broom while we sat and talked about his growing up in Ludhua and his adult life in Dhaka. ” Page 29. Kelsey Timmerman is explaining what a decent life in Bangladesh is like. Especially compared to the way we go day by day in our little worlds. Kelsey Timmerman is trying to get the readers to understand the life in Bangladesh. Americans are used to being around what we see all day long. Very few Americans are educated enough to know about the lives in other countries, so Kelsey Timmerman is trying to get through peoples eyes and make them feel sorry for the people in these places.

Kelsey Timmerman expresses what he saw while he was in the poor city of Cambodia. “The Cambonian people are primarily Buddist. For them, releasing caged birds is an act meant to let go of ones sorrow, pain sickness, hunger, and, likely in Cambodia, memories of war. ” Page 82. The people in Cambodia are living in these very poor conditions with no foods and depression falling over them. In this quote Kelsey Timmerman is explaining how the people live and feel in Cambodia. He wants us Americans to see how different worlds we all live in. He wants us to feel sorry for them, and wants us to try to make a cause. A little girl with three unevenly spaced ponytails is wearing a soiled denium dress. It’s too big for her and falls off her shoulder. She scoops at the inside of a coconut with a piece of its outer sell. She’s a messy eater; bits of white flesh are stuck to her face and in her hair. A pocket on her chest is overflowing money. When she’s done with the coconut, she passes it on to her older sister who is wearing nothing but shorts and a pair of oversized flip-flops. The girl gets back to work looking sad, holding out her tiny little hands for tourists and worshippers to fill. ” Page 81.

Kelsey Timmerman is explaining how the people in Cambodia dress; with wearing barely any clothes. Also how they get by with their money. Children have to stand on the streets and beg for money from tourists and worshippers just for them to get money for clothes, food, and etc. Just like Bangladesh and Cambodia Timmerman also went to China to see the enviroment that his flip-flops were made in. “Dingo couldn’t be nicer. It seems that we are now brother-in-arms. I had faced the wrath of Pat, and probably he too, many times. He tells me about his life. He was born in the Philippines and moved to the United States when he was five.

Now he spends three months here and one month at home with his wife and 17-year-old son in California. “ Page 146. Kelsey Timmerman is telling us about how a life for this man Dingo is. Dingo is away in China working for three months, and then only gets to see his wife and son for one month. For Dingo to get food on the table and money to support his family he has to make sacrifices of not seeing his family to support them. Timmerman wants us to think of how greatful that our parents/ guardians are that they go to work and come home later on that evening; Not for Dingo’s family.

Dingo’s family has to wait three whole months just to see him again for only a month. Imagine that. “The fisherman’s pole, like a 12-foot blade of glass, is all rod and no reel. He baits the hook with a grub and flicks his line out into the water and waits. ” Page 146. You can tell that China doesn’t have that much money, because this man has to make his own fishing rod out of grass. People in China don’t have enough money to even buy them their own fishing rod. Timmerman wants us to think about all the money we spend; how much we spend in a day alone.

I think Kelsey Timmerman wants us to think about how much we take money for granted, and to think about the other people who are less fortunate. Kelsey Timmerman would not of been able to write this novel if he would never of glanced at the pile of clothes on his floor; or would he have even thought about looking at the tags of them all. My personal reflection of this book was I honestly feel sorry for the people in all these countries. If it were possible I would donate anything I could to help these people. We live life day by day only thinking of ourselves.

Never do we once sit and stop and think about the other people across the oceans; One man did. His name is Kelsey Timmerman. If it weren’t for Kelsey Timmerman seeing his pile of clothes on the floor, and going over to them to read their tags to see where they are from. He never would of sparked this idea of an amazing journey to try to get people to understand how the people in these countries are. He wants us to change our buying habits to help the people in these places. Maybe one day people will see that, and the world will live in peace; thanks to Kelsey Timmerman. I guess it takes a curious mind to come up with something brilliant.

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