[Solved] why turkey should be in the eu

On 14 October 2009 the European Commission presented the progress report on Turkey as a candidate member of the EU. The conclusion is clear: Turkey takes the reforms in the country slowly, but need to put a lot more momentum behind.

The European Union is a supranational organization of European countries, which currently consists of 27 Member States. Within the Union, there is cooperation in the political, legal and economic terms. Since October 2005 negotiates Turkey, which is for 13 percent in Europe, with the EU accession.There are some great and important things that Turkey’s standing in the way.

These issues are in many cases no criteria for accession, but several European countries and politicians, and in some cases even end the European Parliament, made it clear that these issues are crucial for Turkey’s accession. Clearly, Turkey should not join the European Union. The reasons are obvious. There must first be made to the rights of minorities and freedom of expression.

Still desperately It is a poor state of human rights in Turkey.Ethnic minorities such as the Armenians and Kurds are still discriminated against. Insulting the Turkish nation was until recently forbidden by law. There are still reports of human rights violations and torture.

In a report by Human Rights Watch is for example, that there are many cases of torture in Turkish prisons. Freedom of expression is regularly in danger and the rights of women, religious minorities and unions are not always respected. Also important is that the Turkish genocide of Armenians, which took place early this century, still deny.Also we should not forget that there is not hardly to religious freedom in Turkey.

This is perhaps the main reason why Turkey does not belong in the EU. The Member States of the EU, which makes extremely hard for human rights in the world, should give a good example. Since the 2002 elections, the conservative-democratic AKP an absolute majority in the Turkish parliament, but the party is just a few seats short of a two-thirds majority required for constitutional amendments. It also plays another important setting along in controlling the country, namely the army.

Turkish democracy is not stable enough because the military has too much influence. The army holds the developments in politics sharp eye. The army traditionally plays a major role in Turkey, since under the leadership of Ataturk’s secular state it helped to create. Since 1960 the army has intervened three times by the government to drop off and temporarily take over.

Administration of the country The army of Turkey is the only stable factor in the country. Also according to the European legislation the army would not be playing.Such a big role There are also many cultural differences between Europe and Turkey. Turkey differs culturally much of Europe and is partly no western country.

Turkey is a Muslim country and culture is completely different from the European culture, which is mainly based on a Judeo-Christian background. Within the Judeo-Christian community, a Muslim country fall by the wayside. The fact that the ideology and values ??of Turkey are different from those of the rest of Europe caused many tensions. Moreover, history has proven that religion has always been a point of fierce battle.

The big difference in faith could therefore provide. Considerable problems for The Turkish people itself is not ready for accession. They talk about the loss of their culture and values. The difference in belief also plays an important role.

Turkey, with its eighty million inhabitants a huge market, which Europe would like to get a grip. Also be accessed via Turkey trade routes to the Middle East. Of course, not only the EU would benefit from if it allows to enter Turkey. Turkey will also grow economically very strong.

There are no import taxes within the EU.The EU is also known to help to climb out of poverty rather poor countries and they lead to long-term prosperity. The flip side of the coin is that Turkey will go running for several reasons. Huge revenues The visa of ten dollars that tourists have to pay income gives Turkey a lot and run them wrong when they join the EU.

However, this is not the most important problem. A large number of Turks still works in agriculture. Because the Turkish internal market is no longer protected, they will lose the large farms of the EU and they will be driven out.There is also a chance that higher education to larger companies in Europe pulling the newly acquired ability to freely travel, live and work where you want.

Turkey will thus grow more slowly. In general it is clear that Turkey will have to undergo many changes, it will belong to the EU. The economic problems can be solved relatively easily, and many also believe that the economic benefits considering the economic disadvantages. However mensenrechtenschendig is the biggest problem.

Human Rights Violation hear anyway anywhere at home, but not at all in the EU. Moreover, the population is not yet ready for Europe.The emancipation is clearly behind that of Europe, and since due to economic benefits, only Turkey in the European Union will be. This is not easily changed from the outside The argument that Turkey could well turn away from democracy and even an Islamic fundamentalist country could be themselves, to refusal by the EU, comes across as flat blackmail and responds to anxiety.

For the above reasons, it is logical that Turkey should not join the European Union. After all, democracy must be inner, defend their own beliefs, not because it was there “a price” for it.

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