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I believe Wikipedia that should not be considered an appropriate academic source for Walden University simply because it has multiple authors. It is a well-known fact that Wikipedia is an online dictionary in which everyone can write information about anything, provided that it’s the truth. Anyone, even without proper training or formal education or even those who have shady backgrounds can virtually write about a certain topic in the website Meaning to say, a lot of information going inside the site is unchecked and therefore lacks standards.

In any academic institution or organization, it is highly essential to have standards in education, learning, and even researching. Since Wikipedia has little to no standards, it does not fit as an academic resource in any reputable school, especially Walden University which is a premier educational institution. For example, a certain piece of information taken from Wikipedia, which is later discovered to be false or inaccurate, can have negative effects on learning, examinations, and even teaching.

Furthermore, allowing the use of Wikipedia can taint the credibility of any school simply because of the unreliability of the source. While there are some entries in the site that are accurate and correct, this does not happen on a consistent basis. It is this lack of consistency that actually damages the reputation of Wikipedia even more. Although the site has editors, they themselves admit that not every entry is accurate. Moreover, there are reports that some articles, particular the biographies of significant people are self-serving and biased, which again does not adhere to the proper standards of education.

In short, Wikipedia should not be used as a source in Walden University or in any school for that matter. At the most, it should only serve as a backgrounder for researchers, students, and other people who are searching for an overview of a certain piece of information but never as a primary resource. QUESTION 3 Communication plays a vital role in the transformation of oneself and society as it allows information to pass and enables messages to be conveyed. For example, people will only know what the values of honesty, hard work, perseverance are if they communicate them.

In addition, communication is not limited to the verbal aspect. Communication can also be in the form of setting examples and showing affection among others. Moreover, communication also fosters social transformation by enabling people to get to know each other better. It also keeps a relationship continuous and flowing as it enables both parties to tell one another how each feels. Basically its role in transforming society is that it sets a ripple that starts with two people communicating until eventually, everyone in society is involved.

Whether it’s passing organizing an event, conducting rescue operations, or simply talking to someone, it is important to maintain communication as it serves as an essential tool for understanding and knowledge. Moreover, Walden University’s belief in communication as a tool for transforming society and oneself is in accordance with my academic, personal, and professional goals. I am basically the type of person who would want to make an impact in any field of study or discipline I’m involved in. Like the University’s mission, I feel the need to become a scholar-practitioner that would allow me to transform society.

Since I began this course, I can honestly say that I have set higher standards for myself, developed good study habits, fully utilized my skills, and, over-all, become a more versatile individual who adapts well to the obstacles and challenges presented before me. In short, I firmly believe that Walden University is an essential tool in both my personal and professional growth. I am confident that in the future, the school will provide me with the necessary attitude, skills, and values that would eventually allow me to accomplish all my goals and transform me into a well-rounded person.

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