[Solved] work philosophy and teamwork

The responsibilities I have at my job, which is Learning Bridge, include taking care of children in the afternoon until they are picked up by parents, making sure they are given snacks, and watching over them as they play. The expectations my employer has set for me at work are knowing where each child is that is in my care. Another expectation they have set is knowing how to handle different situations such as, a child getting hurt or misbehaving.

My attitude going into work each day is usually positive and has not changed much at all since I have started working. The importance of a good attitude at work is that it allows you to enjoy your job and working. A positive attitude will help you achieve more goals than a negative attitude would, as it allows you to be more productive. It can help you in the way that you will create good relationships with coworkers and reduce the stress you sometimes get from work.

Ethical behavior in the workplace is employees knowing right and wrong, and being able to make decisions based on what is good and bad. It can help the workplace grow. An example of unethical behavior in the workplace would be lying to your employer or another employee, which will cause you to lose their trust. An example of ethical behavior in the workplace would be showing fairness when two different people ask the same question and not being rude based on their looks or background. Teamwork is used in my workplace when we need a second opinion on what we should do in different situations. It is used when we are trying to get a large group of kids to calm down and listen to the directions they are given. Being able to work with a diverse group of people is important because you might learn things from other people that you would not think of yourself. It will give you insight on how other people think or solve problems that come up. I do believe I am an asset in a team situation because I am open to hearing ideas from everyone. I state my opinion, as well as everyone else, and we are able to come up with the best solution as a team.

Some good work habits at my job are having a set schedule for each day, knowing how much time we have for each activity and then knowing where we are taking the kids next. An example of a good work habit at my job is that I have a cup of clips with each child’s name and student number on it, so that when they line up for snack each day, they are able to get in and out of the snack line as quick as possible. The only bad work habit I have witnessed at my job is other employees getting on their phones sometimes during the work hours, but other than that there are not any bad work habits I have witnessed. The bad habits can impact the moral at my job by showing the parents of the children that we might not be taking good care of their kids. It could give them the idea that the kids are doing whatever they want to and we are probably not paying attention to them.

Your attitude, work ethic, teamwork, and work habits all affect your workplace in someway or another. If you have a bad attitude than the workplace is not going to be enjoyable for you and it will negatively impact your relationships with other employees. Not having good teamwork skills or work habits will cause your workplace to have a bad image. Your actions and choices on the job will possibly cause the image of the workplace to mirror them.

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