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IT systems are the backbone of an organization’s operations and without them organizations fall short of providing services. They drive all of the daily tasks, store files and data, provides solutions to problems, and give competitive advantages. With the emergence of various IT solutions and systems these days, many IT infrastructures have become more flexible to the demands of the business. I work for the Holly Springs School District, and one system that it uses to be more flexible to our community demands in called the Notify Me System. The Notify Me System or “Notify

Me Networks offers customizable interactive alerting solutions that empower businesses to provide customers with the personalized, critical information they need to make intelligent decisions and respond immediately. ” (Noontime Networks, 2001). One may receive this information via email messaging, phone call, or text message. The organization uses all types of systems, however, the high volume of information needed to be sent out to the community, and the demand for specific information is what drove the organization to find a yester that would allow it inform an enormous amount of people at a time.

The district required that the IT department find some type of system that was capable of doing so, and the department discovered the Notify Me System. Other requirements were that the system had to be able to store information of each contact, which included only the phone number and email address as a way to cut time from one having to enter this information over and over each time messages were sent out. Notify Me is a mass communication or mass notification system, and how it is used within the organization comes in he plenty.

For the school district’s purpose, it serves as a bridge connecting both the school district and students’ parents together with information about everything the school district is doing, and planning to do. The basic uses of this system is just that, to communicate with the mass (the community), about school related information. For example, if there was a fire that occurred at the school, or an announcement about the school being closed, everyone in the Notify Me database will be contacted via email, phone, or text informing them on what has oaken place.

The utilization of this system has made the organization more successful. The organization has been able to reach out to more people in the community, sharing vital information pertaining to the school district. In addition, the number of parents and other people in the community coming to the campus for specified information has decreased significantly. As a result of the Notify Me system, the organization has seen a huge increase in volunteers for various events occurring on the campus, especially for Read America Day here the organization had over 400 volunteers this past year.

The Notify Me System has done well with the organization that there has been talk about developing some type of Notify Me mobile app for the community members in the future. This was brought to the table, because majority of the organization’s staff, parents, and community members have access to mobile devices, and will respond much quicker to their mobile device than sitting at the computer checking their email. The system is very effective; however, it has a little slip up every now and then.

When certain messages are delivered to those on the contact list, if they are not completely listened to, it will continue to call that person until the message is listened to completely. In the future, the IT department has stated that they will be re-evaluating the system to debug the glitch in the system.

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