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Nary hardheadedly hospitals (cardiac care centre ) developed DETECT ( trans telephonic electro cardiac graphs ) connecting 308 Centre around the world . The entire process of transmitting and opining the EGG is done free. It is possible to give remote treatment and diagnosis of patients through mobile phone as G will available soon. Marinara Heraldry launched mobile health services by using the ASANA, it allows smart phones , interface with diagnostics such as EGG, Ultrasound and X-ray/ CT-scanners. Mobile solutions hold a tremendous potential for changing the way we live.

Questions and answer Question no 1 : what kinds of applications are described here ? What business functions do they support? How do they improve operational efficiency and decision making ? Answer : The kinds of applications that are described in this case study are as simple as e-mail, social networking, providing health care, and text messaging. These types of applications help employees stay better kept up with each other and business information. The e-mail application allows employees to receive e-mails almost directly after they are sent.

Basically, all the applications described help support business functions like timeliness and punctuality. These application help improve operational efficiency because they improve the speed of the information being communicated in businesses. This allows the businesses to operate faster and helps decision-making be done quicker which will help companies avoid potential problems or fix problems that are happening faster. Question no 2 : Identify the problems that businesses in this case study solved by using mobile digital devices ? Answer : Now a days smart phones has been called Swiss army knife of digital age . Flick of the finger turns it into a web browser, a telephone, a camera, a music or video player , an email , and essaying machine and for some , a gateway into corporate system. Problems solved by mobile digital devices Smartened provided strong security for email and messaging ( blackberry ) Hospitals also uses the phone for their doctor’s to be able to receive important e-mails promptly and also to allow the doctors to be on call no matter where they are. To reach out or conduct their operations or services many large and small companies deploy apples phone .

Through DETECT network marinara hardheadedly hospitals now providing cardiac health care treatment using smartness Marinara Hardheadedly has launched mobile health services by using ASANA. Monika Health reader, its real time application system to track the spread of any disease. The application allows healthcare professionals to report disease data, which is then analyses and the final report sent to the handset of the doctor and authorities at remote centers. Innovation Hospital has adopted Maestros Medicine systems EGG application. The applications enables doctors to remotely access patient’s EGG and heart performance report.

Spice digital application on pregnancy works in association with telecoms service provider Airtime. New software applications for social networking, sales force management, providing health care make these devices even more versatile. Doctors being able to stay on call, having a secure mobile network, Delivering information to customers. Question 3: What kind of businesses are most likely to benefit from equipping their employees with mobile digital devices such as phones, pads, and blackberry ? Answer: There are many businesses are likely to benefit form equipping their employees with mobile digital devices.

Public Relations businesses would benefit very much from using these devices. Public Relations deal with communicating with all types of publics. Devices like the phone, pad, Blackberry. It allow Public Relation employee’s to quickly and easily communicate with any of their publics. This would be especially useful when they are dealing with a crisis. When Public Relations Specialist have to deal with a crisis they have to immediately respond to the problem and fix it. The use of these mobile devices and mobile devices like them would allow for the specialist to immediately deal with the problem whenever and wherever they are.

Any business could really benefit from using hose mobile devices because people in companies are always on the go. Through these pieces of technology people can share business ideas, graphs, inventory, sales, etc. At the touch of a button many. ‘here they are. This allows the business to communicate and get things done faster with out spending endless hours in the office. Question 4 : Adversaries sheaths CEO has stated, “Now, with G, there are possibilities of remote treatment and diagnosis of patient’s through mobile phone. This will become mainstream in another two to three years. ” Discuss the implications of this statement.

Answer : This statement shows us if G is available allover a country, there is huge opportunity for people in rural areas to take medical service easily with much lower cost. As for example, G helps us to connect with people through video calling, now patients can reach to their doctors through video call sitting in their bedroom and able to discuss the problem. The biggest advantage will be, patients can get medical services instantly with almost free cost. Now this will become mainstream in near future because hospital will adopt this because of its demand. G give the ability to create, manage, and share important information.

Doctors now have the ability o save the patients information and can access any time, anywhere. Conclusion : We are now living in the age of technology, smart phones are one of the best invention of technology. It can do things which was previously impossible to think. People are now talking with one another through video calling which was a science fiction for people a few years back. But this is not it now smart phones have the new software applications for social networking, sales force management, providing health care. Providing health care is one of the finest addition in smart phones.

Now with smart phones healthcare is roving in remote areas. People are now benefited from the services as the cost is very low for the service and they are getting instant medical services. For example Marinara Hardheadedly hospital provide DETECT (trans telephonic electrocardiography) and there are lots of other examples. Adequate healthcare for developing countries is very much tough but with mobile healthcare it seems that now even in developing countries people can get adequate health care. As one said ” solutions are not solutions until they are affordable”. Now the solution for affordable healthcare is very much near.

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