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The company has a huge income statement, strong annual turnover and financial position. 6)Strong and flexible brand has big influence on customer’s wish and whole environment of business. 7)Branding of the company brigs vast customer base in wide spheres: dancing, skates, fashion industry, decoration, architecture and art. Brand presence shown in many festivals, presentations. . )The Festival programmer is made up of over 300 events and exhibitions staged by hundreds of partner organizations across the design spectrum and from around the world. 8)Other strengths of the company are unmatched quality, craftsmanship and creativity that guides by supporting creativity and culture, promoting wellbeing and conserving natural resources. 9)Cassowaries crystals became an essential ingredient in the heady world of high fashion of the 20th century. 10) Cassowaries crystal offers a wealth of possibilities for integrated lighting solutions, innovative design and exceptional architecture.

Weaknesses: )Cassowaries takes one of the biggest leader position on the competitive market, nevertheless it has limited market share. 2) Another side of the company brand that Cassowaries has poor advertising program. 3)Besides the company faces with defective product such as false cut of stones. 4)The product is not available for all segments of society because of its high price. 5)Len some cases a color of stones does not correspond to the desires of the clients that has a bad influence on the company at all. )There are some companies which counterfeit products of Cassowaries company and thereby they have lower production costs and price which attracts customers. 7) It is necessary to increase the protection of the production and this requires additional funds. 8) Basically the product of the company is fragile. Opportunities: 1 )The company begins to create a brand identity by collaborating with PR activities(Public Relations Activities) 2)Cassowaries deals with foreign and famous partners that give opportunities to sell its product more widely and in a high race. )Every year a new line of products appears on the world market that has an influence on customers loyalty. 4) Exhibitions that are provided by the many impact on customer’s attractiveness. 5) Festivals that are made by company give opportunities against competitors, make companies product more attractive and represents it in a different way than competitors do. 6) Increasing budget in advertising will cover issue in a distribution of information in more easy way. 7) Future innovation in sports, swimming wear, lingerie etc.

Threats: 1)One of the biggest threat that can face company like Cassowaries is cheap manufacturing, because client is willing to search cheaper stones with fake brand. In our case company faces with China cheap manufacturing. )Nowadays fashion and trends are fast changing, and there is a chance that stones of Cassowaries will be less popular, and company will lose their clients. 3)Low interest of people in crystal stones as investments. 4)Substitute products of competitor are still big threat for company, stones of the company could be changed on another more fashionable and attractive for current line of customers.

PESTLE analysis Political: Market players in this industry include a variety of retailers ranging from small specialty retailers to large international retailers. The large retailers eave the right and the ability to compete intensively on price- as it is the Cassowaries company. Since it began in 1 895 in Wattles, Tyro it has preserved its independence, it has developed groundbreaking innovations and inspired trends in a jewelry field. Cassowaries fabulous expressiveness is coming from the Central Rupee’s cultural heritage and one very important thing to mention- its ability to build bridges between industry, art and a science.

Brand loyalty is very important for the Cassowaries market. The brand identity is one of the most major factors in determining the price of production. It is important for the company industry very single crystal to be unique with itself. The perfection is on the first place. The development never stands still. Cassowaries is always improving the perfection of its production, pursue internationalization in order to grow and searching for more and new market options. The key for the success of Cassowaries is the strength and the permanent high class of their brand for all these years.

Economic: Cassowaries has its activity in 120 countries in the world. The production of the company spreads among 18 countries. It is directed by family members of the fifth generation. Cassowaries has 1014 owned-prepared boutiques and concessions, moreover it has 819 partner-operated. The total spent on wages 12,779,000 Euros and average staff pay 15894. 28. Research shows that in 2007 the company had turnover of 2. 56 billion Euros. Employees are more than 12. 000 people and 30. 600 employees worldwide.

The company is dealing with many worldwide operations, including factories in Italy, Mexico, I-SIS, Argentina and in other countries. Cassowaries is mainly known like a luxury market in the economic world. They are focusing on the broad portfolio of their products in order to increase the market of the company and make their customers pleased with the variety of products that they can provide. Social: The main social activity lately is in a younger demographic through a Web series, for example “Gossip Girl” and “The Adman Chronicles”.

They say that one of their strategies is to entertain young fashionable people in the Web series with real- life glimpse world of Cassowaries. Crystalline products are used not only in TV series and in world fashion designers’ collections too. Many celebrities choose to wear Cassowaries brand in different occasions: movies, Oscar, red carpet fashion wards and etc. Crystal Society members have access to exclusive content, receive small gifts, and most importantly, can purchase exclusive products which can only be seen in specialty stores and media.

In 201 2, Cassowaries had two exclusive models, CSS Watch Piazza grandee Quartz and CSS Watch Piazza, available to its members. The brand has over 1 00,000 fans on Faceable where it has allowing fans to browse the latest fashion news, view interviews with designers, artists and celebrities and share videos with friends. Every year the Cassowaries company organizes a thousands of social fashion events in the most ammos world fashion centers (London, New York, Paris and so on). The creative laboratory of cassowaries – CASSOWARIES CRYSTALLINE opened in 1995. Which has been visited by more than 10 million people so far. Technological: Cassowaries are well-known as the highest quality cut machines and polished crystal beads. Unfortunately the demand for luxury products attracts the attention of hundred imitators all over the world. The Cassowaries creates its glass with a special compound that cannot be duplicated. The other technological quality is a delicate color palette that sets Cassowaries crystal components apart from others. The newest Cassowaries packaging is sealed with a silver toned hologram saying “CASSOWARIES ELEMENTS. The crystals are perfectly uniform. Since they are machine cut, each crystal is the same. This means that the height, width and shape are consistent. Inside the crystals, there are no bubbles. If there are any bubbles this means that it is a fake. ћAurora Borealis” is the name of one of the Cassowaries techniques for the separation of visible light into its different colors. Other techniques are Crystal Transmission, Volcano, Arum, Dorado. The cleaning of the crystals happens very carefully with soft brushes and gloves.

Environmental: The company has always supported social and environmental projects and from a long time until now it is look after its local workforce in Austria and Wattles by building churches, quarters, sports and cultural associations. Something that is very important to mention is that water has always been a key element in Swearword’s company production. They have established charity, The Swearword’s Watercolors, where more than 185,000 children teach about the importance of suitable water management.

The Cassowaries Foundation supports initiatives on women’s empowerment access to education and health, assists the development f young people and communities and education. It is also conserving natural resources through environmental projects to promote the protection and improvement of the physical and natural environment. Legal: The label “MADE WITH CASSOWARIES ELEMENTS” which is trapezoid-shaped in the original products serves like a certificate of authenticity and improves that they are made with genuine Cassowaries elements. The company offers branding partners: first-class services with technical expertise and trend consultancy.

The company offers a whole warranty for pieces purchased from authorized Cassowaries retailer. The warranty covers materials manufactures defects due to normal wear and use. Each defective product under warranty examines and evaluates by brand’s technical experts-it depends on the situation and the circumstances, the exact product can be replaced, repaired or substituted with other product of an equal value. There is an official legal Cassowaries Website www. cassowaries. Com, where there are general conditions and terms apply to all product orders.

Before using the Website for ordering customers need to read carefully all terms and conditions. Organizational Structure: The headquarters of the Cassowaries company is located in Whitens, Austria. Nowadays this name is like a logo for creativity and quality all around the world. It is working in an international environment, the basis of traditional business can be felt in a good way. As an employer Cassowaries can offer enjoyable benefit schemes and make their employees part of the innovative growth and process. The development of the people in the business is very important task for this brand.

Cassowaries offers its crystal products to the fashion and design sphere under the product brand “CASSOWARIES ELEMENTS”. The collections revive an overview of the whole range of crystals, Crystals Stones and Semi- finished products. CASSOWARIES ELEMENTS combine all industry excellence- fashion jewelry, accessories, textiles, lighting to architecture, precision optics, crystal ornaments. The company has the aim to deal with the needs of each industry and offers flexible solutions such as: technical service, training courses, application partner network.

Cassowaries developed a network of “Recommended” and “Certified” partners. This network offers services form product and design consultancy to prototyping. The reputation of the company is leading producer f the finest and precise machine-cut crystals. Crystals have always fascinated people, they seem to imitate a special energy which awakes the interest of architects, artists, scientists and designers. Cassowaries is on the top of the jewelry and fashion lists because of the care for these precious stones and keeping their value and sparkle. They combine organic and inorganic aspects.

Cassowaries continuously reflects of the time tend with their jewelry and accessory industry. Keep its work with international designers and help them to express their ideas and creative talents. One of the long-standing partnerships are with Coco Channel and Else Capillaries. There are, of course many others partners who the company is working with- international clothes designers, perfumes, cosmetics and so on in fashion business. Legal structure: More than 100 years Cassowaries has developed itself and now it is mastery in precision-cut technology and created stones.

For the manufacture of the jewels and figurines the company Uses special formulas and the processes are based in a long term of experience. The quality of the final products it is admitted all around the world. According to the website the brand group had revenue of 2. 87 lion euros (which makes 4 billion dollars) in 2011, up from 2. 25 billion euros in 2009. The research shows that 80 percent of Cassowaries business is derived from the sales of crystals, the half of this comes from fashion designers whom it has a partnerships. The other half from retail sales, made up of crystal sales.

The balance of the revenue comes from two other business lines, which are lenses and precision cutting. In this company ownership is between near 1 00 family members. According to a source (Orbs), 21 percent ( the largest stake) is held by Lances Cassowaries, who is on age of 69 years. He has a public face for 35 years and remains on the advisory board representing family shareholders and definitely influences the company strategy. The brand says in an e-mailed statement that “Cassowaries is a family- owned and run business and it is not obligated to disclose anything beyond the legal and regulatory obligations”.

They added that “any numbers and valuations form third parties are purely speculative”. Propositions for improving business environment influence To identify main objectives of improvement of business environment, getting through the definition, business environment: The combination of internal and external factors that influence a company’s operating situation, to obtain the objective of improvement must consider all facts below. 1) Cassowaries company uses long-term business plan, that requires often innovation.

The barriers and preconceptions which regard the traditional image have to break down. The aim is to capture the clients’ attention with a fantasy and emotional influence, and even to stimulate entirely new expectations and visions closer to the modern lifestyle and future. Although for better influencing on customer loyalty, better to use determination that creates products to current client’s wishes. ) Cassowaries is in the list of the most stylish and expensive products in the fashion world. The prices are too high for most of the people.

Nowadays less people spend their money on expensive jewels and stones. The prices should be more accessible. In this way it will be reduced the customers’ interest for duplicated Cassowaries products from other smaller companies, which prices are lower than the original products. Considering from other side such product as stones, can’t be for all classes of clients , so another option is to create another line of products for clients who has less opportunities than others. ) The hard working and stability is the main slogan of the market of the company.

Offering products in different spheres (as we mentioned): Jewelry, accessories, home and interior, objects and figurines, chandeliers, optics and etc. All these collections are combined the quality, technical precision, crystalline design and sets new trends. This attracts many costumers. According to the survey for Cassowaries is better to start to combine this highest competence with more UnUSUal style. The stylish products should be matched with some daily elements and details. It is important to mention that in younger customers will be more interested by this trend, because of the broken limits and different products’ looking. )Cassowaries is one of the most famous companies in the fashion world, but it could be better if the advertisement activity of the company pays more attention of the other projects which is dealing with and has a positive influence on the environment and on the customers’ market at all. For example the financed project about Watercolors in India, China and Uganda, which is not connected with fashion, and with the water natural recourse on the Earth. The Watercolors objective is to encourage understanding among young adults and children of use of water and teach them how to use this precious resource in a responsible way.

We already mentioned the problem with high prices. Besides accessible prices, the company needs more accessible service centers and sales offices. Customers can find the products only in special, fixed areas. This is another complication. Cassowaries sales offices need to be placed in much more cities in every country. With an appropriate security system they will be available for many customers who will be pleased that have a free access to one of their most favorite fashion brands.

Conclusion: According to all researching that are made by our group of the Cassowaries company we can easily identify which position and what marketing structure the company stands on. Cassowaries market structure is Oligopoly, that means that on the market represents several companies as Van clef and Rappels Carrier and Chopped, in order our company takes leader position on the competitive market, it means that Cassowaries is a competitiveness company that have opportunities forward enemy companies.

Thankfully company’s business strategy that concentrated on globalization of the product and spreading it in vast annuity, partnership and department of Q&A (quality and achievements) has opportunities. Moreover because of such market structure there is low chance of new entrance of the competitive market, because of the already establishment customer base, quality of the product and strong brand of the Cassowaries company has low chance to enter the market for new company.

What about SOOT analysis that our team provides by searching information in the Internet we can approve that our company has strong sides and several weaknesses with company deal especially with cheap manufacturing, fake products, in order we offered some ideas for dealing these issues for example providing new strategy by license that can easily detected from fake products, that customers could not face with issue, because it impacts on companies reputation in general.

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