[Solved] writing assignment for 3rd graders

Since Hong Gong’s fast economic Roth, this makes a lot of young parents have the ability to provide for their children good eating. And they have a good education, make them aware of the importance of children’s brain development. These parents want their children to grow up healthy, and even want their children to become very clever. So they will want to be able to select a jar of milk can enhance brain and body development. Marketing concepts: We need to find out the target markets, select the customers to serve and decide on a value proposition.

First of all, we will divide the total market into smaller segments, about our company ,seem that is provide the baby food production like milk powder. So our target markets is the babies. The second and third steps, we will select the segment to enter and differentiate the market offering to create superior customer value. About the business environment situation, we will choose the milk powder of Growing Up Formula for 1-3 years, since it can to grow and develop healthily, young children need balanced nutrition.

Growing- up formula can contribute to their balanced diet(2). This is superior customer value of our company. Finally ,we will position the market offering in the minds of argue customers, let the target customers know that the core value is our team of scientists and nutritionists reviewed and analyzed local research reports. They also listened carefully to the advices of pediatric professions. That was why we took a big step forward and customized products specially for Hong Kong babies.

Marketing mix strategies: Product: About our compass product, we set up the three levels of product. First is the core product, we provide the milk powder can to grow and develop healthily. Then ,the second is the actual product, we will design a convenient package for the customer can easy to carry. About the third is the augmented product, we will provide the after-sale service and delivery, provide the advices of pediatric professions for customers and home delivery.

Promotion: We will set up a discount for the current customers, keep their loyalty. Also we will advertise for new customers, let them understand our company’s product and superior customer value, just like put the video in the official website and television. Price: We just using the market-skimming pricing that is a strategy with high initial prices to “skim” revenue layers from the market,(3) since it can let the customers now that the our product quality and brand must definitely worth this price.

Also can improve our product’s actual value. Place: We will set up the real store in the market. In addition, we will allow the intermediaries to help us to promote, sell and distribute its product to final buyers.

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