[Solved] ww1 was about the fight that involved the whole wo

ww1rld. The fight had been raging for years because of militarism, the belife that a nation should have a large military force, nationalism, the belife in ones nation, aliances, the joining of nations, Imperialism, when one large country takes control over a weaker one. The spark that caused ww1 was the assaination of the archduke of austria-hungry francis ferdinand by a serib.

Their were 2 opposing forces in the battle allied powers and the central powers. On the side of the central powers were the ottamon empire, astria-hungry, germany. On the side of the allied powers were japan, britin, serbia, russia, italy, france and 15 other smaller contries were also involved with the allied powers. German uboats were destroying british vessels. They also were destroying american vessels out in the sea.

Both sides wanted america to come to their side. Both sides posted propaganda to make america want to join on their side. Then they found out that a person in germany sent a telegram over to mexico to urge them to fight against germany. President woodrow Wilson wanted to go to war.

Some feared that a newly formed nation of america should not enter such wars.

Thogh congress voted against going to war in 1917 the U.S. declared war against the central powers. Then their was a big turn around. Allied powers started winning. New weapons such as tanks, chemical and biological, and air fighters were lunched. Their were also trench warfare. Woodrow wilson wanted to open the league of nations to settle international disputes. Then the war was over in 1919 0fficaly.

The allied powers won the war. Russia sufferedthe most human casualties. Germany had to pay heavy peperations for the damage they did to the allied powers. German currency was almost worthless. the U.S. emerged as world power.Words/ Pages : 305 / 24

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