[Solved] yincom and yangnet case

Yincom and Yangnet case
Step one: Create Urgency
Market competition is strong, with the market leader in the dominant position. The two companies are new and still establishing themselves, if both cannot adjust, merge and work together harmoniously, it may lead to the demise of both companies if this critical transition does not go smoothly. Step Two: Form a Powerful Coalition

We need to work together to go through the difficult transition because the two companies had different, even contrasting, cultures and beliefs. Putting together two “number twos” doesn’t necessarily create a winner. Step Three: Create a Vision for Change

The new company will be successful if we can merge together and work with the strengths of the two, such as different client bases. The two companies had strengths in different areas, and it’s important to utilize the strengths in a complimentary way. Step Four: Communicate the Vision

The vision is for the new company to combine strengths in different areas, turn the differences of the two companies into strengths and have a new structure in place to accommodate the cultural and social differences of the two companies. Step Five: Remove Obstacles

Once the company complies with the new vision, employees and management will be able to see the results and differences the new system makes. The work place would have a positive environment, productivity and efficiency increases. Step Six: Create Short-term Wins

We will set short term attainable goals to motivate the employees and management to keep working hard at maintaining the new vision. Increased efficiency and improved team synergy will indicate that our new strategy is working. Step Seven: Build on the Change

A merger of two companies is definitely a long term process; it will constantly require effort and attention. The market and industry is not constant, the company needs to make adjustments accordingly at any given time to maintain its position in the market and be successful. Step Eight: Anchor the Change in Corporate Culture

As the two companies becomes one, the new vision would become the underlying vision as the foundation of the new company. The process of combining the visions of the two companies may require slight adjustments In order to make the new company a success in the long run.

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