South Hampton University is preparing its budget for the upcoming academic year. This is a specialised
private university that charges fees for all degree courses. Currently, 30,000 students are enrolled on
campus. However, the university is forecasting a 5 per cent growth in student numbers in the coming
year, despite an increase in fees to $3,000 per subject. The following additional information has been
gathered from an examination of university records and conversations with university managers:
? South Hampton is planning to award scholarships to 200 students, which will cover their fees.
? The average class has 80 students, and the typical student takes 4 subjects per semester. South
Hampton operates 2 semesters per year.
? The average academic staff salary is $120,000 per annum including on-costs.
? South Hampton’s academic staff are evaluated on the basis of teaching, research, administration
and professional/community service. Each of the academic staff teaches the equivalent of three
subjects during the academic year.
a) Prepare a revenue budget for the upcoming academic year. (3 marks)
b) Determine the number of staff needed to cover classes. (3 marks)
c) Assume there is a shortage of full-time academic staff. List at least five actions that South Hampton
might take to accommodate the growing student numbers. (4 marks, maximum 200 words)

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