Spiritual Lives of Older Adults” l

You will need to download the podcast app on your smartphone in order to complete this assignment. Then you will need to visit: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/on-being-with-krista-tippett/id150892556?i=1000437074101 and listen to the entire podcast before you respond to this discussion. You have listened to an interview with author, of Being Mortal , Atul Gadwande. I hope that you understand why I decided to include this podcast as part of the course content! I wanted you to grow in compassion and understanding, and believe that this book will motivate you to do the kind of good work I know you are capable of doing! Take a few minutes, prior to working on this discussion topic to watch an interview with Dr. Atul Gawande about death and dying discussions. It is brief and well worth your time. The transcript for the video is included on the same webpage. I also want you to review the “Spiritual Lives of Older Adults” learning module, the Boulder County Toolkit on End-of-Life Conversations and the American Bar Associations Toolkit for Health Care Advance Planning. Now, I want you to apply three concepts from the course content to what you have heard discussed in the podcast. Describe the concept and include a reference and describe how that concept relates to ideas discussed or described in the interview with Dr. Gadwande. His ideas about wellness and aging are the backbone of this course and the HBS degree program. Speculate about why that is the case. Why do you think his ideas are important to me, this program, and the future of aging care? Here are some things to remember while participating in this discussion: You will post at least two times; the first post should be at least 800 words and provide the information I required above; your second post will be a response to a classmate’s post (at least 800 words in lengtht. Remember to cite your readings as well as outside research in your posts. Include references both in your original post AND your response to a classmate. To locate academic journal articles, about this topic and other similar topics, make sure to review the W.I. Dykes and get instructions about how to locate peer reviewed journal articles. I will also upload documents on Spiritual lives of older adults

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