Starbucks is considering opening a small stand on the Danvers campus, but wants to be sure there are enough coffee drinkers here to make it worth their while. They are willing to open a stand here only if the proportion of all NSCC students who drink coffee exceeds the national proportion. A Gallup poll in 2015 found 64% of Americans drink coffee. Test, using a significance level of alpha =0.01 whether the proportion of NSCC students who drink coffee is higher than the national proportion.

Dataset coffee drinkers


A. State the claim and the null and alternate hypotheses. Is the test left, right, or two tailed?

B. Find the sample proportion of NSCC students who answered Yes in the coffee variable.

C. Find the p-value of the getting the sample data by chance.

D. Decision: reject H0 or fail to reject H0?

E. Conclude the result of the test in context of the situation and in a statement that is understandable to a non-statistician.