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Statistical concepts used in this lab:- Using the Immductmy to Statistics Excel Lab Manual – Creating Frequency Distributions – Graphing Frequency Histograms – Graphing Box-n-whisker Plots – Identifying the shape of distributionsLAB INSTRUCTIONS 0 Use the Introductory to Statistics Excel lab Manual to help you understand how to create and interpret the graphs in this lab assignment.0 The data set for this course has already been formatted, entered into an Excel worksheet and posted in Blackboard. 0 The names of each variable are in the first row of the Worksheet. This row has a background color of gray to identify it as the variable names. All other rows of the Worksheet represent a brand of cereal. Therefore, the rows are calledobservations and the columns are called variables. – Follow the directions below and then paste the graphs from Excel in the gray areas for question 1 through 5, Type your answers to questions 6 through 10 where noted in the gray areas. When asked for explanations, please give thorough,multi—sentence or paragraph length explanations. – This completed Lab Word Document with your responses to the 10 questions will be the ONLY document you will upload in Blackboard. Creating Graphs- Create a frequency distribution to indicate Average Sodium content for each manufactures (10 points) ManufacturerNumber ol‘ BrandsAverage Sodium Content