statistics and research method for business decision making.

statistics and research method for business decision making, shortly: we need to find out frequency distribution,relative frequency distribution, cumulative frequency frequency distribution, making histogram, O-give,retrieving proportion,Explaining variables under Descriptive measures, explaining relations on X-axis and Y-axis, numerical summarizing report about 2 variables including summary measures, mean, median,range, variance,standard deviation, coefficient of variation, smallest and largest value, three quartile for each variables – simple linear regression and estimated linear equation then interpret the coefficient coefficient of determination R^2 and interpret it -testing retail turnover per ca-pita -value of standard error of estimates and comment on the fitness if the linear regression model NB: the teacher is not mentioning the specific words counting and number of reference should be mentioned. That’s why you just solve the problem in proper and satisfactory way including approximately 5/6 reference

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