Summarise the main demographic indicators in the sample: ethnic composition, age, gender, school-year and drug-pathway category.

Investigate the extent to which drug-pathway category frequency (after Parker et al, 1998) varies by school year and gender.

Identify the inter-relationships amongst lifetime drug use, general intention (to use drugs within the next year), school year and gender.

Identify reliable factors in young peoples’ preferences towards the type of drug-related information presented in school lessons and;

Make comparisons amongst the drug-pathway categories in terms of these drug-related information factors.

Integrate this information and apply it to a policy recommendation about drugs education.


  1. Title: should be a clear and accurate reflection of the research;
  2. Abstract: Must follow a BPS-style structured abstract
  3. Introduction
  4. Method
  5. Results and discussion
  6. General discussion
  7. References

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