Sustainability action plan for Danone company


For this essay, detail information is in the additional document. Our group decide to choose “Danone” from fast moving consumer goods industry and “good health & wellbeing” from United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDG). you need to write ONLY “Part3- develop an action plan”. See additional document for detail. Basically, you need to develop a realistic action plan according to the present sustainability performance of Danone that both helps the company (Danone) better align with the UNSDG have chosen (good health and wellbeing) and is beneficial to the company over time. You could decide to propose modifying the company’s existing strategies/actions or replace them altogether. Whatever you propose needs to be readily justified in light of your analysis. Bear in mind that whilst the UNSDGs are inter-related, your focus is on the specific goal that you have chosen. General expectation: 1. develop action plan 2. suggest realistic steps the company can take to improve further. Use benchmarking to compare to other competitors 3. need successful prove (example) from other companies 4. be realistic (eg. short term goal within 1 years, long term goal within 5-10years etc.)

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