Generally one-half page in length. Purpose: to provide the reader with a concise summarization.


                                    Set up your TOC as instructed – A textbook is a fine example to follow.


1.5 Pages


SECTION I:              A. What is the problem/need/policy that is being addressed?


B. Cite the indicator (statistics) which show that a problem/need exists. If writing on a policy, cite the statisticsnumbers of persons impacted by the policy.


1.5 Pages


SECTION  II:            A. What are the causes of the problem/need? If writing on a policy, what caused the problem the policy is designed to address?



Usually runs 2 Pages


SECTION  III:          A. How socially significant is the problem/need?


B. What is the impact on the community: (socially, economically, impact on persons, etc.).

                                    C. How severe is this impact? (How widespread?)

                                    D. Is the problem likely to last, or worsen, or go away, if no action taken?


1.5 Pages


SECTION IV:            A. Tell us some more about the population most affected by the problem


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