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  3. Subject: Computer Science
  4. Academic level: Third Year University US
  5. Pages:4
  6. Single/Double space: double
  7. Number of sources:4
  8. Citation format: IEEE
  9. Detail topic: Patent Report

For the patent assigned to you (see below)

identify the independent claims (simply list the claim numbers)

describe the prior art, i.e. the current state of the technology and its deficiencies that the patent proposes to improve upon

for two of the independent claims describe in your own words what is being claimed, clearly explaining the difference between the claims

for each independent claim from c), choose one dependent claim and describe clearly how it specializes/narrows the claim.

 In the Resources for Topic 5 you’ll find a link to “Patent claims explained”, and of course you can do further research to understand how claims are written and what they mean. In your writing do not use the “jargon” typical of patents, namely words such as “plurality” for example. You must describe/explain in plain, normal English.  In part 3 you’ll likely need to clearly explain the difference between a system and a method. You may wish to cite references in describing prior art (part 2).

Patents: You must use only the Canadian patent database; do not use Google patents or the US patent. The patent you write about is CA 2962226



1000 words

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