Team ProjectTypical work-team tasks include researching a p

Team ProjectTypical work-team tasks include researching a problem, identifying and recommending solutions, writing a report, and giving a presentation. This Team Project assignment is designed to give you the opportunity to practice these tasks and develop your skills. You will be assigned to a self-directed work team based on your interests. Project topics will be brainstormed on-line. Create a project management outline to help plan and structure your team’s work. The basic headings of a Project Management Plan are Who (will do) What (tasks) by When (due date).Project Written Report Your team will research your assigned topic by conducting informational interviews with relevant personnel, reading printed materials and searching data on the Internet. Your team will write a “problem statement” describing the “current” situation, a “goal statement” describing the “future” improved situation, and recommendations for how to solve the problem or achieve improvement. Based on your topic, your team may also develop an action plan, plus a list of resources (organizations, websites, etc.) that can be used to help implement the action plan. In your report, include the names, titles, and organization/company of anyone interviewed.You want to be sure to collaborate in writing this report. Do not merely assign sections and paste together students’ work. Even though individual students will write sections of the report, every team member must review the entire report and offer suggestions for improvement.Additional documentation to be submitted with the written report:Meeting agendas, attendance & minutes/notes (may be handwritten)Completed Project Management form showing team members assigned tasks (may be handwritten); include the tasks for creating the presentation slides.

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