teen violence

With todays violence among teens rising, most people would like to know why? Does it have anything to do with the way we are raising our children? Some would blame the parents for their childs aggression, or some would declare that it only has to do with the peers the child associates themselves with, and others would blame media, such as television or video games. Well, which is it? What is the main cause for teen violence today?Children have never been very good at listening to their elders, but they never fail to imitate them. (Baldwin) This statement does have some truth behind it. Some children who have violent tempers acquire them through their parents. Could this be a motive for these children to go out a killing sprees? But then again the question of whether or not the child is being abused is brought into prospective. Some say if a child is beat or abused in any other way, that would be a incentive for them to be violent. But is this rational? Most children who have had encounters with violence are usually white, intelligent, middle class and heterosexual. Sounds like a pretty normal child doesnt it? But what reason could be behind this for such a typical child to react in such a hurtful way? Some would say because of the parents. Put the blame on the parents.

What about the peers or friends children correlate with? Could this have anything to do with childrens violence today? Some say definitely. All of the crimes being committed today have been prepared by usually junior high students. Junior high students are at an impressionable age where how they act or what they do is very important to them and how others view them. So why not have all the kids see you as a hard ass or someone who isnt scared of anything? Why not show people that you can kill, or whatever the case may be. Peers do play an important role on how children are shaped and what might cause violence in teens today.

Then, the never yet to be forgotten, media, comes into viewpoint. Most would say that the media sends out so many messages, that a child could not live without acquiring some mental picture of their own about what is trying to be taught. But could that childs own opinion about that message be completely negative, and totally not what was intended? Obviously something to that effect is being portrayed. But why is this? Also, why is it only mostly males who are taking it this way? What about the girls? How come not nearly as many girls are reported to be gaining this violent mentality? Does it have anything to do with video games also? Video games have always been put to blame for the rising violence in our society today. Even today, the invention of the over 18 to rent video games have come out. What is that about? Are the video games being made so violent that a child at a normal age to be playing video games cant even rent them? If the record still stands, video games were meant to be played by young children, not grown men. Video games were also meant to be fun entertainment, not violent killing spree games. These video games are being classified as one of the main reasons why the violence among teens is rising.

What can we do about this controversy that is escalating in our nation today? Is the raising of our children corrupting them more than supporting them?

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