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Test the given claim . Identify the null hypothesis , alternative hypothesis , test statistic , F-value , and then state the conclusion about the null hypothesis , as well as the finalconclusion that addresses the original claim . Among 21 18 passenger cars in a particular region , 229 had only rear license plates . Among 3.62 commercial trucks , 5.5 had only rearlicense plates. A reasonable hypothesis is that commercial truck’s owners violate laws requiring front license plates at a higher rate than owners of passenger cars . Use $ 0.05significance level to test that hypothesis .a . Identify the test statistic.| Round to two decimal places as needed . !"Identify the F-value .( Round to three decimal places as needed . !)b . Identify the confidence interval limits for the appropriate confidence interval . Let population I correspond to the passenger cars and population ? correspond to the commercial trucks . Let asuccess be a vehicle that only has a rear license plate*PI – PZ{| Round to four decimal places as needed . !