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Candy Survey

Buy three small packages of M&Ms and 5 small packages of Reese’s Pieces (same net weight as the M&Ms). Test whether or not the average number of candy pieces per package is the same for the two brands.

M&M bag 1: 30                                     Reese’s bag 1: 28                                                    Reese’s bag 4: 33

M&M bag 2: 33                                     Reese’s bag 2: 32                                                    Reese’s bag 5: 31

M&M bag 3: 29                                     Reese’s bag 3: 37

1.    Ho: ____________                               

2.    Ha: ____________   

3.    In words, define the random variable: average number of candy pieces per package

4.    The distribution to use for the test is : normal

5.    Calculate the test statistic using your data:

6.    Draw a graph and label it appropriately. Shade the actual level of significance

a.    Graph: 

b.    Calculate the p-value.

7.    Do you reject or not reject the null hypothesis?

8.    Write a clear conclusion using a complete sentence. 

M&M’s reese’s bag3028333229373331 1)2) ho:h1; there is no significant difference in the mean number of candy piecthere is significant difference in the mean number of candy pieces p…