The assigned readings and video presentations for this week focus on the ethical issues of how we build our living environments. Housing policies, energy insecurity, and climate changes have an enormous impact on the public’s health.

Are there ethical imperatives for public health professionals to be involved in these issues?
What are the ethical roles of hospitals, health departments, and nonprofit organizations in averting disastrous consequences from events such as Hurricane Katrina and the Chicago Heat Wave?

Required Reading:

-Putting Public Health Ethics into Practice: a Systematic Framework
-Public Health Code of Ethics
-Heat Wave: A Social Autopsy of Disaster in Chicago E-book: Purchase for $7.00 for 30 days

Week 8 Multimedia

-CHEUSE: Housing And Built Environment Policy As Health Policy: Is Your Home Making You Sick? – YouTube
-Chicago Heat Wave News
-When Chicago Baked: Unheeded lessons from another great urban catastrophe.

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