QUESTION 1 The class Fruit is an abstract class. A. Please explain why the following statement is incorrect. B. Please explain why the Fruit class is useful in some way if you need to instantiate an apple object. Fruit someApple = new Fruit ( ); QUESTION 2 This is a question based on your project for week 9. Imagine you have created an Intern class derived from the Employee class. The Intern class has a School property for storing the name of an intern’s school. Please write EmployeeInfo ( ) method for the Intern class. The method should override the abstract EmployeeInfo method. It should return a string that describes a) an intern’s Name, b) when he/she was hired, and c) the school where he/she studies. QUESTION 3 A DataGridView is on a windows form. Describe how to make it always occupy the top part of the Windows form no matter how the Window changes its size or shape.

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