The Collins Company run a non-profit business that provides food to the homeless. Within the organization, an issue has been raised. It seems that some of the employees feel they are being treated unfairly and are underpaid based on sex. 

Based on the dataset provided, test the following theories:

1.    Does the Collins Company pay Males more than Females?

2.    If so how much more is paid to Males over Females?

3.    Does the Collins Company pay people more money based on their Experience?

4.    If so what is the historical value of Experience?

5.    Does the Collins Company pay people more money based on their Education?

6.    What is the value of 1 additional year of Education?

7.    Does the Collins company pays people more money based on the number of Months they have worked for the firm.

8.    If so how much is a month worth?

9.    Then conduct an overall test of the model. 

Form a regression equation where Salary is the dependent variable and Education, Experience, Months Worked and Males are the independent variables.  

Conduct any tests to determine if this is true. For every test, state the hypothesis, conduct the test, show the comparison value, graph the data and state the conclusion. Include a comment on the value of the R SQ coefficient.

Here is a link to the data sheet:

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